Chinese Democracy Comes to 'Rock Band'

July 14, 2008


The New Times has reported that a new Guns N' Roses song, "Shackler's Revenge," apparently from the upcoming album "Chinese Democracy," will be included in the video game "Rock Band 2."

Guns N’ Roses’ plan to reintroduce its music to the public in a video game underscores how important to the music business games have become — especially Rock Band and Activision’s Guitar Hero series, which allow gamers to play along with songs on instrument-shaped plastic controllers.

Lames. This just makes it seem increasingly likely that "Chinese Democracy" will finally see the light of day before the end of the year. Luckily for us, most of CD has already leaked onto the internets.

Although it would be really awesome if the Axl character in Rock Band could start attacking fans during his performance and then walk out on the show. I would totally buy that game.