Top Shelf Tuesday - March 24

March 24, 2009

It's time for you to pony up some of your hard-earned bucks for some of the latest releases.  But what to buy?  Luckily, Top Shelf Tuesday is here to help you navigate through the field of choices.

Source: Fox Home Entertainment


The latest Bond film is here to add to your Bond collection – and you can grab this one on Blu-ray, too. Quantum of Solace is packed with action and stunts and is sure to please Bond fans and action film buffs alike. Both the two-disc special edition DVD and Blu-ray edition come stuffed with extra features. There are several featurettes, including Bond on Location, Start of Shooting, On Location, Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase, and others. It’s a good day to be a Bond fan.

Animation lovers loved Bolt when it hit theaters, and now it’s hitting shelves. It’s available on a single-disc DVD, a two-disc DVD edition and a Blu-ray edition. Some of the extras on the two-disc and Blu-ray editions include the featurettes Creating the World of Bolt, Act, Speak!, and others. These discs will keep you busy in extras at least long enough until the next animated feature is released. Bolt to your video store today and grab a copy of Bolt!



Source: Lex Records

Born Like This is the brand new LP by the shadowy character formerly known as MF DOOM. The record is to be released under his recently shortened pseudonym DOOM on Lex Records. This album has been self-described as Dumile's "definitive album... encapsulating but surpassing all of his previous work." The track "Ballskin" from the LP was posted on DOOM's MySpace page on January 13th and it was a breath of fresh air for the hip-hop game. The track "That's That" was released on DOOM's MySpace on February 25th as well. With songs produced by J Dilla, Madlib, and Doom himself, Born Like This is set to be another classic from the already legendary New York MC.

Husker Du's major label debut Candy Apple Grey is regarded by many as the most balanced and well-produced album of their respected career. It also represents some of the most accomplished songwriting by Bob Mould and Grant Hart. Standouts include "Too Far Down" and "Hardly Getting Over It." These songs influenced a generation of musicians that came after its release and still does to this day. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, Candy Apples Grey is a must-have for all Husker diehards as well as any newcomers who want to hear the genuine article.



Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Slip into the tactical boots of a super assassin that belongs to an underground society of bullet-curving killers in Wanted: Weapons of Fate.  You play Wesley, the same protagonist from the film Wanted, and you fight your way through the trials an apprentice assassin must undergo if they want to become legendary.  Namely, you shoot a lot of bad guys. Get the game this week for PS3, Xbox, or your PC.

In Wheelman, you play Milo Burik (voiced by Vin Diesel), an undercover agent sent to Barcelona in order to infiltrate three warring games and ultimately take them down. Using your skills as a driver, you earn the trust of each of the gangs by performing certain missions for them.  It’s basically like GTA with more of a focus on driving and the mechanics of the car chase.  There are several features worth playing, but the coolest one is “focus” mode which allows you to drive a car in super slow motion the way Neo dodged bullets.

Did we miss anything? What are you looking forward to picking up this week?