Is This the Most Sexually Explicit Ad Ever?

March 17, 2009

A new commercial for energy drink 6 Hour Power is ruffling some feathers for its possible sexist overtones. The spot shows a sexy, scantily-clad secretary apparently servicing her boss.  Some are wondering if this commercial is the most sexually explicit ad ever?

Seth Stevenson, of, writes that “the ad very clearly implies (right up until the reveal of its final shots) that the secretary is back there, hidden from view, fellating her boss to orgasm.” His argument is based on the overt sexuality of the secretary character, her wardrobe, and an inability to plausibly explain the boss’s seizure-like actions. Would an energy drink company really promote their product by alluding to possible seizure-inducing effects? I think not.

Stevenson spoke with Karen Finocchio, vice president of marketing for NVE Pharmaceuticals, who manufactures the product, hoping to gain some insight into the meaning of the commercial. She said Stevenson’s interpretation was all in his mind. She noted, “The secretary isn't scantily dressed. It's not beyond what a woman might wear at the office. There's nothing showing!”

Sounds like NVE Pharmaceuticals is a fun place to work.

What do you think? Is the ad sexually explicit?