Are Breasts Getting Too Big?

March 15, 2010

British women are known for being busty. Now their busts have grown so big that a new size bra has been created and selling like hotcakes.

Women’s breasts in the United Kingdom are getting so big that British lingerie stores have started stocking K-cup sized bras. Yes the letter "K." The need for a bigger bra is part of a trend of increasing breast sizes across the pond. A decade ago the average bra size was 34B. Today it's a 36D. In the last five years sales of bras sized D to G have risen by a whopping 50 percent.

The newly created size K bra is already in high demand with over 10,000 women having purchased the ridiculously large bosom-holder. The gigantic bra is said to measure a staggering four feet around, with each cup measuring one and half foot at its widest point. It’s so big you could literally get lost in it. It begs the question, is a K-cup sized pair of breasts even sexy or just a lot of sagging flesh?

The increase in breast size is partly due to humans in general being heavier than in the past. However it seems weight gain is not the only reason women’s mammary glands are getting bigger. Dr Joanna Scurr, a lecturer in biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth said, “Breasts are getting bigger but it’s not just because we are getting heavier. We don’t yet know the reason but it has certainly made women much more aware of the need for correct support."

Very mysterious, but surely it has something to do with evolution...and the fact that big breasts rule!

What do you think? Are K-cup breasts too big?

Source: Image Source/Getty Images