Mantenna - Wednesday, July 29

July 29, 2009

Gisele Bündchen gets de-bumped, Michael Myers might have something to say, and the coroner delays Michael Jackson's autopsy results yet again...sweep the leg with the Mantenna!

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Gisele Bundchen Gets De-Bumped

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen is no longer able to pose in sexy, tight-fitting clothes because she is pregnant. Recently she signed on to be the face of London Fog trench coats and had to have her baby bump digitally removed from the sexy shots. Dari Marder, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, "Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life." At least she's still working. [Fashionologie]

Miley Cyrus’ Stalker Arrested Then Released

A 53-year-old Georgia man has been arrested for stalking Miley Cyrus but has since been prematurely released. Mark McLeod has reportedly been showing up to events being attended by Cyrus. He was arrested on the set of Cyrus’ latest film, shooting in Tybee Island, GA, after harassing young girls. When arrested he headbutted an officer and screamed that he and Miley “will always be together.” Police in Tybee Island released then McLeod, unaware a court order had been issued in Los Angeles barring him from coming near Cyrus. [New York Daily News]

Michael Myers Has Something to Say

It’s starting to look like Michael Myers might break his decades-long reign of silence in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. A movie blogger was given the chance to visit the set during production and swears he saw the actor who plays Myers speaking during a scene, and the director himself Tweeted that he was going off to do an additional dialogue recording session with said actor. Zombie fiercely denies that Myers has somethin’ to say, but something smells pretty dang fishy about all of this. It could actually be kind of nice to finally hear what’s been eating at Michael Myers all these years. Could be he’s just needed a good psychotherapist to work out his anger issues? That, or in his speaking scene he was saying “MEAT!” [Slash Film]

Star Trek 2 Won’t Be Like Transformers 2


Source: Victor Chavez/Getty Images

Roberto Orci, the writer of the much maligned (but highly profitable) Transformers 2, is going to write the next Star Trek film with Alex Kurtzman. Despite valid fears that he’s going to do with Star Trek what he did to Transformers (albeit with a complicit Michael Bay), he has spoken out to assuage fans, saying, “These people are not reluctant heroes, they’re hoping to get out there and do what’s right.” What’s right? Well, it’ll be really wrong if Orci and co. butcher the Star Trek franchise. Keep your fingers crossed. [First Showing]

Coroner Delays Michael Jackson Autopsy Results

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has said that the release of Michael Jackson's autopsy results will be delayed once again. The coroner's officials had said they were going to release the results this week but Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said today that the announcement will probably not come until next week. Winter did not discuss reasons for the delay. [NME]

Happy Birthday, ESRB: You're Almost Old Enough to Buy GTA

Fifteen years ago today, the entire game industry got on the same page for one shining moment to propose the video game ratings organization, the ESRB, to Congress. Hooray for self-policing! The founding of the ESRB was a level of cooperation not seen again in the industry until everyone simultaneously decided to start charging $60 for games. [Game Politics]

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