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The Top 10 Chicks That Kick Ass

by jma0112   July 10, 2009 at 2:15PM  |  Views: 1,258

5. Zoe Bell


Source: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images

Zoe Bell has a lot of things going for her, the main ones being that she’s hot as hell and she’s a stunt woman. How many stunt women do you know who can double for Uma Thurman – and look hotter than her during her scenes? Well, Zoe pulled it off in Kill Bill parts one and two, and she even played her own badass self in Tarantino’s Death Proof. Here’s a woman who can kick a guy’s ass and then tantalize him with hers. She knows how to do more than just make jumping and falling look good: she’s studied Taekwon-do since she was 15 and learned to fight in the wushu style during the making of Kill Bill. She brings the pain, and it’s delicious.

4. Angelina Jolie


Source: Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

Angelina is the chick that does it all. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, she’s actively trying to save humanity as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and amassing a collection of underpriviledged children. She likes to get her hands dirty by performing many of her own stunts in her flicks, and is basically typecast at this point as female ass kicker number one. She’s also got a crazy streak, and there’s no better evidence of that than her unlikely marriage to Billy Bob Thornton. No other girl on this list wore a vial of her man’s blood around her neck.

3. Michelle Obama


Source: Albert Chau/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Not only is Michelle Obama America’s first black first lady, she’s also quite the badass. Hailing from the tough south side of Chicago, she can undoubtedly handle herself in the street, yet it’s her Ivy League education and elegant demeanor that really set her off. She could have made a cushy living as a lawyer, but she decided to grit it out running the Chicago office of Public Allies—a non-profit that supports inner-city teens. Michelle also made more money than her husband back when he was a senator--all while raising two children. That’s kicking some serious ass. She delivered astounding speeches on the campaign trail with no notes whatsoever. Take that, Palin.

2. Gina Carano


Source: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Gina Carano is, literally, an ass kicker. As a mixed martial arts fighter starting in 2006, she became a household name when she was featured in a primetime fight last year. She’s a formidable opponent, even for men, and the girl still has quite a pretty face. Hopefully she can keep it that way, but even if she doesn’t, she still deserves a spot on this list. It takes a special kind of woman to enter a ring for a street fight. She expanded her universe of ass kicking when she played Crush on NBC’s re-imagining of American Gladiators and quickly became the poster girl for the show with her stunning looks and toned body. She was featured in Maxim’s Hot 100, appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers, and has been among the most-searched people on the internet—all without sacrificing her street cred. She’s the only woman on this list that will kick your ass.

1. Venus and Serena Williams


Source: Jemal Countess/WireImage/Getty Images

Fresh off their Wimbledon domination, selecting Venus and Serena Williams as number one was easy. Both sisters have kicked so much ass over the last decade that it was nearly impossible to choose one over the other and it wouldn’t be fair to the other ladies on this list to separate them. The stats really speak for themselves. Serena has won 34 singles titles with a whopping 431-92 career record to the tune of almost $26 million. Venus has done even better with 41 singles titles, a record of 542-128, and has raked in an impressive $24 million. The two have won 13 doubles titles playing together. Serena is certainly the better looking of the two and has made some serious fashion statements on the court. Venus isn’t much of a looker, but there’s a lot more to kicking ass than appearance. In a white-dominated sport they have overcome a lot of adversity, and both ladies deserve the crown as the women who kick the most ass.