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Our Five Favorite Moments from "Eddie Murphy: One Night Only"

by Kevin Marshall   November 15, 2012 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 72
Our Five Favorite Moments from "Eddie Murphy: One Night Only"

Last night was the premiere of "Eddie Murphy: One Night Only," a tribute to one of the greatest talents of the last fifty years.

The evening attempted to showcase the various dimensions of Murphy's career as a singer, dramatic lead, action star, family entertainment icon, and stand-up comedy rock star, just to name a few. As you can imagine, Eddie's versatility combined with a star-studded lineup resulted in plenty of memorable moments. Here are five of our favorites.

Arsenio and Eddie Reminisce


Arsenio goes into a story about watching a Sammy Davis, Jr. special with Eddie and challenges him to an impromptu performance. The interaction between the two is really endearing and sweet. Oh, and hilarious.



Charlie Murphy talks about growing up with Eddie and how he honed his craft as a child by exchanging snaps with his brother. "Little did I know I was working with a comedic genius," Charlie said. "At eight years old, he was writing great jokes about ME."

Eddie and Stevie Perform


Stevie Wonder came out to perform "My Cherie Amour," with the camera catching Eddie singing along. Stevie then called Eddie onstage for an impromptu performance, and it was every bit as fun as you can imagine.

Chris Rock Meets Eddie Murphy


Chris Rock talks about meeting Eddie for the first time, getting his first white girl, and what happened when Eddie was approached in the club by a female fan who asked to "kiss" him.

Tracy Morgan Steals the Spotlight


Tracy Morgan was on hand to discuss Eddie's contribution to comedy, and perhaps his single greatest feat: rocking that head to toe red leather outfit. Who rocked it better, him or Tracy? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

It's time someone paid an all-star tribute to comedy's original rock star. For more Eddie Murphy: One Night Only go HERE.