Celebrity Priest Embroiled in Sex Scandal...With Bikini Girl

May 7, 2009

A celebrity priest known as Father Oprah has been booted out of the Catholic Church after being caught on camera getting intimate with a 26-year-old woman. See the pics after the jump.

Father Alberto Cutie is known to millions of people across Latin America for doling out relationship advice in books such as Real Life, Real Love, hosting the hit television show Padre Alberto and for his syndicated radio show. The 40-year-old priest was kicked out of his Miami Beach parish after photos were published showing him kissing a 26-year-old bikini-wearing brunette. The photos show Father Alberto kissing the woman on the beach, fondling her bottom, and slipping his hands down her swimsuit. The photos were published in TV Notas, a Latin American gossip magazine.

Cutie issued the following statement on his website:

Before God - full of love and mercy - I ask for the forgiveness of those who may be hurt or saddened by my actions. Since I entered the seminary at the age of 18, the priesthood has brought me great joy.  The commitment that I made to serve God will remain intact. I am grateful for the love and support I have received today from so many in our community, especially my parishioners and the supporters of the radio stations who have demonstrated great compassion and understanding toward me as a human being. I ask for your continued prayers and support.

The scandal has sparked debate over the practice of celibacy in the Catholic Church. What do you think?

Source: Robert Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images