Zapatista army vs. Tamil Tigers

September 20, 2010

Zapatista army-


Long range-Ak-47

Mid range-Rpk

close range-FN57

special weapons-Machete

Long range sniper rifle-G3


Tamil tigers -


Long range-INsas

Mid range-FN MAG

close range-Enfeild revolver

special weapons-Kastane sword

Long range sniper rifle-L9a1 sniper


Long range-edge: draw. The AK has more power, put the accuracy of the INSAS makes it a draw.

Mid range-edge: RPK. The range and power of the RPK gives it the edge.

close range: edge: fn57. Less likely to jam and more ammo.

Special weapons: draw. Both have great cutting power.

Long range sniper rifle: edge: L9a1. Longer range and power.


Battle: A camp of Tamil tigers is in the middle of the julgle in Chipas. five Zapatistas come out of the trees and watch the tamil tigers. The guard in the tower sees the zapatistas and tries to alert the rest of the tigers. One zapatista opens fire. The tamil tigers take alert and snipe the Zapatista Leader. The zapatistas run for cover. The Tamil with the sword charges at the zapatista with the Machete. He swings at him but the zapatista blocks it, kicks the tamil tiger and stabs him in the neck. One of the zapatistas shoots the tamil sniper. The tamil leader orders his remaining soldier to run into the jungle. The machinegunner for the Tigers Hides in a tree and shoots two of the zapatistas. The Tamil leader kills the other zapatista. The last zapatista disappears. One of the Tamil soldiers tries to look for him. The zapatista uses the FN57 and puts three rounds in the chest of the Tamil tiger. He runs, the Tamil leader shooting at him, he is shooting at the tamil, he ducks behind cover and closes his eyes. The tamil Shoots a bullet at the ground and says something in Tamil. He fires at the zapatista, but his gun is out of ammo. The zapatista puts 6 rounds in the Tamil Tiger. He yells and walks away.

Winner-Zapatista army



Ak-47: 307

Fn57: 45

G3: 94

RPK: 146

Machete: 37


Tamil Tigers-



Enfeild revolver-49

Fn MAG-10