Comanche vs William Wallace

October 14, 2010

Beginning Assessment: Native American Indian's with speed and easy to make weapons clash with Scotland's patriotic rebel that led his men to victory. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Short Range: War Hawk.

Medium Range: War Lance.

Long Range: Bow and Arrow.

Special: Scalping Knife.

William Wallace:

Short Range: War Hammer.

Medium Range: Claymore Sword.

Long Range: Ball and Chain.

Special: Targe Shield & Dirk Dagger.

Armor: Chainmail.


Hawk vs Hammer. Edge = Hammer.

The Hammer is both double sided and powerful. It has a slicing spike on one side, a large crushing block on the other.

Lance vs Claymore. Edge = Claymore.

I see this as a replay of Iklwa vs Claymore, but even though the Lance is longer, it is much slower, and the Claymore will slash you to bits.

Bow & Arrow vs Ball & Chain. Edge = Bow & Arrow.

The Bow can shoot arrows at much longer range, speed, and accuracy. The Ball & Chain is slower, not accurate, and might kill but not guaranteed.

Knife vs Targe & Dirk. Edge = Targe. Edge = Knife.

Out of the three weapons, the Targe automatically won because of offense and defense, and the Scalping Knife is much faster then the Dirk so you have much more kills within some time.

Also William Wallace has Chainmail for armor. Comanche has none. Edge = William Wallace.


A Comanche riding on his horse comes up to his family's camp site. He looks for them to show them his new Mongol scalp. He looks everywhere, but can't find them. He then sees his kids and wife running away. He yells, "Family?!?!" But they didn't look back, the wife only screamed, "The Scottish!"

Confused, the Comanche gets on his horse and chases after his family. But when he finds them, they look like they've been clubbed to death. "NO!!!! Who did THIS??!!??!!" Frustrated, the Comanche rode the horse back to the camp and pulled his lance and hawk out of the tree stump they were imbedded in.

"WHO?" The Comanche was looking for his family's killers. Soon, he sees in front of him, a large, strong Scottish man holding a large, bloody hammer, and a shield with a spike on it. "FREEDOM!!" The large man roars, now identified as William Wallace.

The Comanche screams, "Why? WHY DID YOU KILL MY FAMILY????!!!!" Wallace replies, "They were fighting me, but I follow by FREEDOM!!!" The Comanche shows his lance in front of him, pulls the reigns on his horse, and starts speeding toward his enemy. The lance glanced off the targe shield, then stabbed back into the ribs of the horse. After the horse stopped, the Comanche slipped off, falling on his back.

Wallace charges with his large hammer, but before the spike impaled the Comanche's head, he rolled away, and pulls out his war hawk. Both the axes met and locked together, but Wallace was able to get the upper hand and punch the crushing block into the wrist of the Comanche. He runs from the man, trying to recover with his injured wrist.

William drops his hammer and pulls the claymore out of its scabbard. He charges again with the large blade sweeping in front of him. The Comanche lifted the lance back up to block and it helped. He was able to stab it into Wallace's thigh, who yelled. He swung the claymore but just barely gashed the Comanche. The Comanche retreated, and when he was far enough away, he raised his bow and shot an arrow. It hit the targe. William Wallace starts spinning around, holding a chain connected to a large ball. He let it go, but missed the Comanche by a few feet.

Outraged, Wallace pulls out his dirk dagger, and starts progressing to his enemy again. The Comanche pulled out two scalping knives. He tried to stab William, but the shield didn't allow any availability. Wallace tried to impale him on the targe's spike, but he was fast enough to dodge it. Wallace came in with his own dagger, but just gashed the arm of his enemy.

The Comanche starts running again and was able to climb onto a small tree nearby. Wallace sees his enemy in the tree and tries to jump up with the dagger still in his hand. Not even close. He pulled out his claymore again, and cleaved off the branches of the tree, just barely missing the Comanche. He has nowhere to go. The claymore was swung again, but the Comanche was able to dodge to the other side, and wasn't hit again. He knows he's running out of tree, so while the claymore was at the ground, after not bulling back again, he jumps at Wallace, aiming his knives toward his face and neck, but something got in his way. The targe. The spike went right into the diaphragm of the Comanche, and as he looked back, it came out his back. Wallace dropped the dead body and roared in victory.

William Wallace: 531.

War Hammer: 106.

Claymore: 302.

Ball & Chain: 4.

Targe: 87.

Dirk: 36.

Comanche: 469.

War Hawk: 83.

War Lance: 247.

Bow & Arrow: 79.

Knife: 60.

Ending Assessment: Wallace's large killing weapons and protection (Targe & Chainmail) kept him to the win.

Best Weapon: The Claymore sliced through the Comanche 302 times.

Worst Weapon:  The Ball & Chain only smashed the Comanche 4 times.