Yobo Handheld Super Nintendo Gives Your SNES Games Another Continue

December 10, 2009

The glory days of 16-bit consoles have long since passed, and their classic game cartridges have been resigned to the boneyard for an eternity of obsolescence. But now someone has other plans for your old SNES titles.

Yobo shall make these forgotten games rise again, so if you've been lusting after the various old school console hacks we've been showing you lately, this ready-for-primetime offering is right up your alley.

The FC 16 GO portable console lets you drop your SNES cartridges right in, instantly reviving your classic Nintendo library. $60 gets you a device with a fully functional built-in joypad, TV outs, a 3.5-inch display, and two wireless 2.4Ghz controllers. The console can be powered either by a replaceable battery or the included AC adapter.

If you're a 16-bit Nintendo fan, this deal is pretty hard to beat.


Source: Engadget