Comic-Con 2012: How to Survive 100,000 Berserking Nerds

July 3, 2012

Here comes San Diego Comic Con and it's not all fun and games, know that. It's more of a themed riot than a pop-culture show, so the tactics you employ can mean the difference between a happy time and an internal apocalypse of confusion and disappointment.

To maximize your enjoyment of SDCC or any large-scale geek meet-up, I've compiled a list of must-haves and must-dos that can be referred to beforehand. Think of it as The Art of War for the modern conference-goer, if that helps. (It does.)

Keep in mind that SDCC runs from July 12th-15th this year, which can be a tragically hazardous four days for the unprepared.

You need a plan. You need resources. You need a back-up plan and back-up resources.


You need to know where the hell you're going, for one. Noobs usually try to wing it, but they underestimate the chaos of the convention floor and end up wandering like confused ghouls through the throngs of costumed superfans. Instead, spend some time with the programming schedule at Having a clear idea of where you want to be and when you need to be there will ensure that you hit the events you really care about, instead of the just ones you're jostled into attending.


Maybe you spent all your cash traveling to the show. Maybe your addiction to rare action figures bankrupted you long ago. The point is, you probably don't want to blow your wad on expensive convention food. You also don't want to stand in a line as long as Jörmungandr's tail to get it. What you do want is a caffeinated meat snack. Grab a backpack and cram it full of Perky Jerky. The extra caffeine kick will keep your senses Jedi-sharp throughout the day.


Heaven forbid you see Lou Ferrigno in his original Hulk costume bench-pressing some girl dressed as an elf princess, and you can't capture the moment. The Looxcie Cam, $150, is a good bump up from the video camera on your smartphone. Livestream video and share instantly. Looxcie sees what you see. Base unit comes with 5GB of storage.


The most dedicated SDCC attendees get into the spirit by dressing up like their favorite pop culture icon or magical creature. If you decide you want to play on that level, check out


Apps like Google Chrome and Yahoo Time Traveler can help you stay organized on your trip, and the iPhone's hotspot will ensure that you can connect to the internet from your hotel room or anywhere else. While you're at it, check out Must Have Apps For Comic-Con 2012

Artillery: Change to 11-inch MacBook Air

Speaking of the internet, you're obviously going to need to pack your laptop. The 11-inch MacBook Air keeps your operation streamlined. A thumb drive, headphones and a power strip are all a good idea, too.


The best of us can fall prey to over-stimulation after a few hours on the convention floor. At that point, you'll be thankful to have your favorite pain killer close at hand.


Last but not least, report to All Access Weekly every Thursday at midnight on Spike TV for a rundown of what's going on in the worlds of tech, gaming and pop culture.

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