Mantenna - Monday, December 15

December 15, 2008

Kanye West turns in a decidedly mediocre performance on SNL, a remake reboot is in the works for The Crow, and a super hot pictorial of Australian gaming model Krystal's the Mantenna!

Santa Baby Strippers

If you’re having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, then maybe some Christmas-inspired pole dancing will help. Buzzfeed had asked the question everyone wants to know – What’s the best Christmas song to strip to? Well, apparently the favored carol is "Santa Baby." Runners-up included "It Came upon a Midnight Clear" and "Nut Cracker." [Buzzfeed]

Down Under With Krystal Forscutt

Australian model Krystal Forscutt was recently named the second hottest girl in’s Hottest Girls of Video Games, narrowly missing out to Eliza Dushku.  The brunette beauty has never had a speaking role in a video game, however her unbelievable body played the part of Flag Girl in Need for Speed: ProStreet. Check out for more incredible photos of this busty babe. []

The Crow Set to Fly

So many franchises are getting rebooted, reimagined, reinvented – however you prefer to call it, it’s happening. And now it’s happening to The Crow. Stephen Norrington has sealed the deal to write and direct a new beginning for The Crow, though whether or not there is actually a demand for this is in question. The director of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman has not had much success of late, so it’s likely he sees this as a reboot of his luck, as well. The Crow certainly comes with major baggage: the star of the original, Brandon Lee, died in the making of it, which established Alex Proyas’ version in cinema history. Is Norrington up to the task? [Cinematical]

Kanye West Blows It On SNL

Kanye West headed over to Saturday Night Live this weekend for an in-studio performance of his two recent 808 tunes "Love Lockdown" and "Heartless/Pinocchio Story." Hugh Laurie (a.k.a. Dr. House) did a great job hosting the Christmas episode, but Kanye definitely fell short of bringing the heat in the live performance department. His Auto-Tune vocals will pretty much make you cringe every step of the way. [Stereogum]

70-Year-Old Man Shoots Five At Hip Hop Concert

A Senegalese man opened fire on a hip hop/rap group, injuring four of them, during a live show because he thought they were insulting him with their song titled "Angry Old Man." The band members and a female fan attending the concert were taken to the hospital to be treated. The shooting spree occurred near Matam in northern Senegal. [NewsDaily]

The Captain Nemo of Drug Smuggling

Enrique Portocarrero, head of a Columbian cocaine cartel (alliteration is fun!) is also a Renaissance man of sorts.  This is a 45-year-old dude that has $200,000 in the spare tire of his truck. One of his many talents, it seems, was an ability to innovate in the field of hydrodynamics.  Portocarrero helped to develop a class of marine vessel dubbed the “semi-submersible” that runs just below the surface of the water.  Its wake is nearly invisible, and it has a specialized, heat-concealing exhaust system.  Why such elaborate semi subs?  Well, because each one was loaded with enough Bolivian marching powder to net Portocarrero a nifty $1,000,000. [LA Times]

We Need More and Better Torture (in Video Games)

Wired columnist Clive Thompson makes an interesting case for including more (and more detailed) types of torture in video games going forward. He’s writing in response to a torture-based quest in the recently released WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King. His argument, though, is that the torture in that game isn’t real enough.  It doesn’t have any immediate consequences, and just contributes to the myth that torture goes down in real life just like it goes down with Jack Bauer around. [Wired]

Going Slow = Flat Speed Bumps


The world’s first “smart” speed bumps have arrived. They actually flatten when the vehicle is traveling the speed limit but stay upright when someone is speeding. The new design uses a small damper inside to flatten out when a car drives over it at low speed, but higher forces from a faster vehicle keep it upright, causing a nasty jolt. To make them more visible than your typical speed bump, they're outfitted with LEDs all around. The designers say their goal was to encourage drivers to maintain a constant slow speed, reducing the amount of stops and starts made, and thereby the amount of exhaust pollution from the car. A “green” speed bump? [Engadget]

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