Michelle Rodriguez: Worst Bridesmaid EVER

April 21, 2009

Michelle Rodriguez is causing trouble again, and this time she flipped out at a friend's wedding.

The Fast & Furious star attended the four-day wedding of her best friend and manager Giancarlo Chersich to sexy Dominican actress/TV host Celines Toribio. Michelle was one of Celines’ bridesmaid and acted like a total b***h.

At the welcome dinner she pushed fully-clothed guests into the pool. The next night she broke up the bachelorette party, yelling that the stripper was "fat and had a small" member. Rodriquez was annoyed that the stripper asked for a volunteer and then made her kneel down. Rodriquez thought the stripper should be doing the kneeling and yelled out, “That's bulls**t, he should be kneeling for her; this is a bachelorette party."

Rodriquez’s disappointment with the male stripper didn’t end there. She obviously thought she could do a better job and screamed, "This is the kind of thing that brings out the bisexual in me” and left in a huff.

At the wedding reception Rodriguez behaved herself and reportedly made an angelic bridesmaid.  This didn’t last long. Once the reception began she squeezed herself into a hoochie outfit and grinded with both men and women on the dance floor until the wee hours.


Source: Splash News