All Access Weekly Exclusive: Apple Announces "The New iPad" and Apple TV

March 7, 2012

Hey! Katie Linendoll here for All Access Weekly, guys. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off today's iPad event with the assertion that we are living in a "post-PC" era. "A world where the PC is no longer the center of the digital world", Cook said. "A world where your new devices need to be more portable and dramatically easier to use than the PC has ever been". According to Cook, Apple sold 315 million devices last year, including iPods, iPhones and iPads. 62 million of these were sold in Q4 of 2011.

Cook went on to announce the next generation of the Apple TV, which supports 1080p, has a new streamlined interface, and retains the $99 price point of the previous model. Currently available for pre-order, the updated Apple TV is set to hit the retail market on March 16th.

The headline item was of course "The New iPad", which is actually being called "The New iPad". Using the Samsung Tablet as a counterpoint, Cook illustrated how the the iPad sports a more intuitive interface and runs more smoothly than competing devices. As for the actual specs, there were no huge surprises.

- Retina Display with a resolution of 2048x1536 and 3.1 million pixels (more than any other mobile device.)

- An A5X chip with quad-core graphics

- A 5MP iSight camera with auto face-detection, autofocus, white balance and image stabilization.

- Full HD video recording at 1080p with video stabilization and temporal noise reduction

- A new voice dictation feature which can be used in text documents, emails, etc.

- 4G LTE capability

- A personal hotspot

- 10-hour battery life (9 hours on 4G)

- Weighs in at 1.4 lbs

"The New iPad" will be in stores on March 16th and cost $499. Apple announced keeping the iPad 2 on shelves for a base price of $399. Other minor announcements today included the release of iOS 5.1, a Japanese-speaking Siri, updates to GarageBand and iMovie, and a new version of iPhoto for iOS. There was also mention of Apple' continuing to nurture relationships with a number of carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Bell and Telus.

I'd like to note that, thankfully, I didn't get trampled like a bargain shopper at Walmart on Black Friday like I did at the last Apple event.

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