Mantenna - Thursday, October 1

October 1, 2009

Maria Menounos lets it all hang out, Kill Bill 3 might be Tarantino's next flick, and Nike denies Michael Vick an endorsement deal...And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious Mantenna!

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Maria Menounos Lets it All Hang Out

Ms. Menounos let her cleavage hang out in a recent photo shoot, leaving relatively little up to the imagination, and at the same time giving us lots and lots to look at. Despite the fact that these photos are in black in white, she is very much in living color. Moving on from bad puns, let’s just hope that in the future she moves on to bikini photo shoots – we think she’s matured enough in her modeling career to take it to the next level. [Egotastic]

Kill Bill 3 Could Be Next

Writer/director Quentin Tarantino has expressed enthusiasm for the idea of a third Kill Bill film. Of course, Bill won’t actually be able to be a part of the movie without raising David Carradine from his grave, so that could be a problem. If he were to pursue a third film in the series that would probably put the kibosh on a prequel to Inglourious Basterds, but he probably needs a break from killing Nazis for a bit. The story for Kill Bill 3 would presumably involve Vernita Green’s daughter, since Vernita (Vivica A. Fox) gets killed by Uma Thurman’s character. It would be nice if Tarantino would continue to make original movies – or remakes, anyway. He seems to have gotten into a groove. [First Showing]

The Most Awesome Motorcycle Fails

Aren't dudes that ride motorcycles kind of annoying? They're always buzzing by you on the freeway, dressed to the hilt like some sort of space-age Power Ranger. Okay, so maybe it's just us, but even if you don't share our unhealthy fixation on the lesser points of our brothers on the road, it's still worth checking out a funny compilation videos of motorcycle antics gone wrong. [Just A Guy Thing]

Let the Right One In Gets a Cast

The remake of the Swedish vampire hit Let the Right One In – newly christened Let Me In – is getting all its ducks in a row. Matt Reeves, the guy who directed Cloverfield, will be penning the script and directing the film. Kodi Smit-McPhee will play the bullied Owen and Chloe Moretz will play Abby, the little girl vampire with a heart of gold (and blood-sucking evil). Perhaps the most interesting addition to the cast is Richard Jenkins, who’s been in everything from Six Feet Under to Step Brothers to The Visitor, for which he received an Oscar nomination. He will play the adult care taker of Abby, the character named Hakan in Let the Right One In. This looks like it might not be a totally botched remake after all. [Heat Vision Blog]

Ramones Biopic in The Works


Source: Larry Hulst/Getty Images

There have been negotiations for a project about the life of the Ramones, based on the upcoming memoir I Slept With Joey Ramone. The project, which initially had been conceived independently under manager-producer Rory Rosegarten, will get a significant boost with the involvement of 20th Century Fox. Written by Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh and longtime punk writer and Ramones chronicler Legs McNeil, the book centers on the life of frontman Joey Ramone. Gabba Gabba Hey! [Billboard]

Nike Denies Endorsement Deal with Michael Vick

Less than 24 hours after his agent announced a sponsorship deal with Nike, Michael Vick was told by the sporting good giant that they were, in no way at all, signing him to an endorsement deal - but simply offering him free shoes…AWKWARD! [Yahoo!]

The Hot Girls of Fall TV

Ahhh, autumn. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning brown, and the airwaves are filled to the brim with soon-to-be-cancelled TV shows. And with every new season of shows comes another stable of young hotties ready to set fire to plasma screens everywhere. The awesome folks over at Gunaxin have saved you the trouble of figuring out which ones to ogle, so head on over there and get an eyeful. [Gunaxin]

30 Truly Bizarre Family Photos

Let's face it -- who doesn't have a family that's at least mildly dysfunctional? Well, be thankful that your family and upbringing probably wasn't as awkward or bizarre as the folks featured in these pictures. Unless of course, you are featured in these photographs, in which case we offer our humblest apologies. [Manofest]

US Government Urges "Cyber Cleanliness"
Did you know it's "National Cyber Security Awareness Month"? Well, it is. The Homeland Security Department said "all computer users, not just industry and government, have a responsibility to practice good 'cyber hygiene.'" Security experts agree and have said users need to think before they click as part of an effort to highlight how vulnerable email is to cyber scams. The theme for this year's national cybersecurity awareness month, which is sponsored by the Homeland Security Department, is "our shared responsibility." Which basically means, "stop downloading porn, pervo." [DHS]

Apple Possibly Looking to Sever Ties With Google, Buys Map Company
The Apple/Google divorce continues to come into focus: Apple quietly bought Placebase, a mapping service company, back in July. Apple doesn't typically buy companies it's not going to use, which means that they're probably going to start making their own maps. For a company that prides itself on its progressive nature, Apple sure is starting to look like the IBMs and Microsofts of years past. [Computer World]

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