Head2Head - Last Week's Winners

August 19, 2009

Just because Billy Mays is in heaven Oxy Cleaning his nose doesn't mean here among the living there are no more deals of the century...You need look no further than Head2Head, the fastest game show on TV. In just two minutes every Monday through Thursday at midnight, two webcam wizards wrestle for $500 in winnings. And that's not all. Every time you tune in, you get the smokin' hot Callie Stydahar for free!  Just listen to these success stories...

On Monday, H2H gave out, not one, but two cash prizes after veggie dog connoisseur Nate and Gerald Butler doppelganger Mark matched wits in a down-to-the-wire tie. $250 each, where my veggie dogs at?  Check out this awesome game!


Then on Tuesday, H2H helped philanthropic facial hair grower John from New York grow his bank account by $500. Maybe now he can donate some cash to good causes instead of growin' a porn 'stache in their honor? Just a suggestion.

When Wednesday rolled around, Alex from Lincoln Park (not the band, the town in New Jersey) banked enough bucks to feed all five of his Jack Russell Terriers for the foreseeable future... and still have some change left over to keep Michael Vick away from his kennel. Ruff!

And finally on Thursday, Callie refereed a mental grudge match between a Harvard smarty-pants and a guy who works from home in his underpants. Harrison, a comedian from Boston, and Lee, a dancing machine from NYC, split half a G by dropping equal amounts of knowledge on Head2Head, the fastest game show on TV.

And you can play with Callie too by registering here. Then, start checking out Spike.com's Mantenna page every week for clues to help you win a piece of the $2,000 given out to only the smartest of dudes every Monday through Thursday at midnight, right here on Spike!