Top 5 Greatest Rock Frontmen

April 16, 2008



What makes a great rock frontman?

Some of the most important variables are musical talent, originality and some serious stage presence. Oh, and being a lady killer doesn't hurt either.

They also need to be able to satisfy fellas as well as the ladies. I mean it's pretty amazing to see manly dudes rocking out to Van Halen with David Lee Roth's spandex package flapping in their face. But any idiot can take their shirt off and prance around the stage like a wildman. A real frontman needs to be able to balance all of the necessary pieces to be considered a true legend. Anyways, here are the best of the best...

#5 - Iggy Pop

From The Stooges to his collaborations with Bowie, the Detroit wildman has carved out a career that few can challenge. His insane deminer and baritone vocals helped influence a number of bands that eventually pushed punk rock into the mainstream.


#4- Jim Morrison

The Original punk rocker. The one thing thatseperated Jim from all of the other singers in the ‘60s was hisunpredictability. You never had any idea what he was going to do. Thisaggressive attitude influenced everyone from Iggy Pop to Scott Weiland.


#3 - Robert Plant

TheLed Zeppelin singer is pretty much the quintessential rock frontman,combining mystical lyrics and an unbelievably wide vocal range. Hisstage bravado and lady-killer good looks also set him apart from almostevery singer of the ‘70s. If you had to take a class on rock frontmenthe only person you would need to study is Robert Plant.


#2 - Freddie Mercury

Thegreatest showman in all of rock! The Queen frontman is known for hispowerful live performances, which were often delivered to huge stadiumaudiences around the globe. Freddy always displayed a highly theatricalstyle that invoked a ridiculous amount of participation from the crowd.Few live performers can create a relationship with the audience the wayFreddy did.


#1 - Elvis Presley

"Nothing really affected me until I heard Elvis. If there hadn't been an Elvis, there wouldn't have been a Beatles - John Lennon