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The Creep Next Door: The Top 5 Creepiest Tenants

by Maxwell Octigan   April 22, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,448

We have all seen our share of creepy and weird neighbors, from crazy cat ladies to shady hoarders, but nothing compares to some of the creepy and weird stuff Rick, Todd, and Randye have come across on World's Worst Tenants. You think you have a creepy neighbor? Just wait and see what the gang discovers around the neighborhood.

5. The Lizard Guy

The Creepy Lizard King
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The cat lady next door is now being replaced by a creepy reptile guy, who would have thought!? Todd and the gang come across this crazy guy after another tenant says he threatened her with a lizard, WHAT!? After inspecting the apartment they find more than one lizard, they find a whole pet store of reptiles including an alligator. That crazy cat lady doesn't sound so bad anymore, does it?

4. The Artist?

The Smell Of Dead Animals
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This tenant's apartment had to be one of the strangest sights Todd and the gang have ever come across. This tenant thought he was some kind of "artist" but we all thought otherwise. I don't know if I'd call it art if someone was using dead animals. I sure wouldn't go to this guy's art show without a respirator.

3. The Body Hoarder

Dead Bodies Everywhere
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We have all seen those shows about hoarders and all the crazy junk they have crammed into their houses, well Todd and the gang came across a much creepier and unusual hoarding problem. This funeral operator decided that hoarding dead bodies instead of cremating them would be a better idea. Yeah, I'll stick to hoarding vintage toys or better yet, nothing, thank you.

2. The Small "Business" Owner

The Dominatrix Den
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Imagine having an S&M dungeon next door to you? Yeah, talk about creepy. Todd and the gang have seen their fair share of weird businesses being run out of apartments but nothing gets creepier than an S&M dungeon.

1. The Guy Who Plays With Dolls

Sex Doll Party
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A guy playing with dolls is a bit strange and odd, but a guy playing with sex dolls is even creepier especially when the gang walks into an apartment filled with dolls that are ready to go. This creepy tenant wasn't only playing with his dolls in his apartment, but also on his deck where his neighbors could see him. Do us all a favor and keep that stuff inside, thanks.

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