Brit Exposes Her Nips

June 8, 2009

Two years ago Britney Spears danced around a pole topless and pretended to be a stripper for her "Gimme More" music video. The racy footage never made the final cut, but photos of the performance have been leaked online.

The photos were leaked to the U.K.'s News of the World and it is hard to understand why these photos would be leaked two years after she shot the video. At the time, the pop star was going through a high profile meltdown. She had gained weight and made a highly embarrassing performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards. Britney Spears has totally cleaned up her act since those dark days and has never looked better.

These photos can hardly be considered racy or even topless. Spears wears a temporary tattoo over her nipples. The pop star has previously exposed more of her body exiting a limo than she has in these photos.

What do you think? Are they hot?


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