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Mantenna - Thursday, October 7

by spike.com   October 07, 2010 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 185

Juliette Lewis is involved in a hit and run accident, Toni Braxton is bankrupt again, and a man delays his surgery just to watch a football game...the Mantenna is big pimpin'!

Photo: Michael Bezjian/Getty Images


Juliette Lewis Involved in Hit and Run Accident

Juliette Lewis was hospitalized last night after being involved in a hit and run. The actress was leaving an event for her new film Conviction when the Town Car she was riding in was struck by an unknown car that quickly fled the scene of the accident. Carleen Donovan, a representative for Lewis, released a statement saying, "The sedan Juliette was traveling in was completely totaled. Ms. Lewis … is a bit banged up and sore but otherwise thankfully okay. She is now resting at home.” Police are reportedly investigating the incident. [People]

Cell Phone Saves Man’s Life

A cell phone has saved the life of a New Yorker after he was shot by his building’s superintendent. The unidentified man had the phone attached to the front left side of his belt. A squabble ensured, shots were fired, and the man was heard screaming he’d been shot. According to the New York Post, “Cops raced to 29 W. 119th St. at 11:13 a.m. — and discovered the lucky-to-be-alive third-floor tenant with nothing more than a few minor injuries, all because the phone absorbed the impact of the gunshot.” The gun-wielding super fled the scene soon after and is still at large. It is unknown why he opened fire. [New York Post]

Toni Braxton is Bankrupt Again

Photo: Chris Weeks/Getty Images

Toni Braxton has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy for the second time in her life with the sexy singer claiming that she owes between $10 million and $50 million to numerous outlets all over the country. According to TMZ, Braxton owes big bucks to the Four Seasons Hotel, American Express, Tiffany & Co., and DirecTV. The IRS also filed a lien against her for $396,000 earlier this year. Toni filed for bankruptcy in back in 1998 as well. For a chick that has sold over 40 million records, this is pretty ridiculous. Mama needs a new hobby that doesn’t include spending money she doesn’t have. Just a thought. [TMZ]

Man Delays Surgery in Order to Watch Football Game

A Michigan State football fan who needs a pacemaker in order to, umm, live has decided to delay the surgery in order to watch his team take on the Michigan Wolverines this Saturday. ESPN reports that "A 69-year-old retired office supply clerk said he put off the procedure until next week because he can't risk something going wrong on the operating table that would prevent him from watching the game." Hopefully he consulted a medical professional and/or Mel Kiper before this type of medical decision. [ESPN]

NHL Begins Tonight, Canadian Immigrants on Edge of Seats

The 2010-2011 NHL season kicks off tonight and dozens of Americans are ecstatic for the puck drop. Just like we did for college football, the Spike.com editorial team has decided to offer three major Mantenna predictions for the sport of hockey: 1) The New York Islanders will not go 82-0. 2) Neither will the Edmonton Oilers. 3) The Philadelphia Flyers will win the Stanley Cup, despite numerous teams receiving much more hype. We'd also like to assert that Drew Doughty will be a threat for the Hart Trophy after leading the Kings to their best record in franchise history. Anyway, enjoy the season. Unless, of course, you're a Florida Panthers fan, in which case there's no chance of that happening. [Yahoo!]


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