Unusual Summer Must-Haves

June 20, 2012

Say you live in one of those places where summer isn't acting like a barely summery anti-season, which means that you're enjoying some reliably nice weather right now. Also, say you're enjoying it at the beach.

It's hot. The sun's out. Everyone's shed the appropriate amount of clothing. Life is good.

But something's missing. You don't know what. Then it hits you.

Get Drunk Spray

You're still sober. At a beach that doesn't allow alcohol. Luckily, French American scientist and heroic public servant David Edwards invented a spray that gets you drunk.

Each dose administers .075 milliliters of alcohol from a breath spray-style mechanism the size of a key chain. Gizmodo reports, "Edwards claims that, thanks to the way the specially designed spray mechanism pulverizes the liquid into your mouth, the effect is full and instantaneous." Apparently, it only lasts for a few seconds, but it also won't give you a hangover. And you can pass any alcohol test after using it.

WA|HH Quantum Sensations will bring the spray to the U.S. sometime soon for $26 a pop.

Lester's Fixins Buffalo Wing Soda
$1.99, various retailers

When it's hot out, some people might like to cool off with a soda that tastes like a soda. A slightly smaller group of people might like to cool off with a soda that tastes like greasy bar food.

This one's for them.

Lester's Fixins-- from California-founded franchiser Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops--recently released a soda flavored like buffalo chicken wings. The equal-parts brilliant and terrifying beverage is made of pure cane sugar and sold in 12-ounce bottles for about $2 bucks.

Thing is, the stuff's so heavily sweetened that it doesn't exactly taste like buffalo wings. It's not spicy. There are no meaty overtones. So the flavor falls somewhere in the gray area between soda and buffalo wings, also known as "super weird".

Still-- points for creativity.

Video Swim Mask
$99.00, thinkgeek.com

Moving a bit toward the practical end of the spectrum but keeping with the theme of things that are also other things: the Video Swim Mask.

A pair of goggles with an integrated digital camera, the VSM lets you take pics and videos in or out of the water. There's an LED inside the mask that indicates which mode you're in, 16 MB of memory and an SD slot for expansion up to 2GB. If you have a PC, you can also use the software that's included to edit your content, and the files are downloadable via USB. The 5 MP camera operates to a depth of 15 feet with a video resolution of 640x480 VGA.

In other words, you can capture every prismatic nook of that coral reef in hands-free mode. Or, if you're more pervy than adventurous, you can capture every nook of that suntanned bod across the pool.

Either way.

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Source: Getty Images/Lester's Fixins