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The Top Seven Sci-Fi Worlds We'd Like to Live In

by nathanbloch   August 31, 2009 at 2:20PM  |  Views: 661

Scream 2009, the event that honors the best in sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and horror, is headed our way and we want to pay a little homage to the sci-fi genre. Sci-fi movies let us imagine ourselves living in worlds that are way more awesome than the one we live in. We want personalized spaceships, laser guns, high-tech cloning, and all that other crap. Unfortunately, we’re probably not going to be getting hoverboards or phasers any time soon, but if we could move to other worlds, here are the top seven we’d consider.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

7. Starship Troopers

Is this world ideal? Probably not. In Starship Troopers you’ve basically got huge cockroaches on other planets farting fire out of their bottoms and blowing up major metropolitan centers of planet Earth. So, that’s not so cool.

But you’ve also got space-age football. If you’ve ever wished football was a little more violent, a little more intense, a little more extreme, you’re in luck: in this world, football is all of these things and more. In this world, football players fly. Or, at least jump really high for really long distances – think the Hulk with a pigskin in his hands.

And there’s plenty of other cool stuff about this world. The weapons, the ships, the sheer power of the artillery. If you’re a war fanatic, then this is the place for you. More than anyone else, though, entomologists will really eat their hearts out here. Where else can you find bugs that you can not only squish, but that can squish you? This place gives whole new meaning to the term “bug brains.”

6. Gattaca


Source: Columbia Pictures

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk around knowing that you’re the most genetically perfect version of yourself you could possibly be? In the world of Gattaca everyone (with money) is exactly this: flawless. No one has heart disease, no one needs Propecia, and no one has to buy penis pumps on the internet. Nope, mom and dad have taken care of all of this.

Okay, so some people aren’t going to be born into rich families. And when you really think about it, being born rich is pretty much as good as (or better than) being born with all your genetic ducks in a row. Still, having kids is a scary thing to do. Now instead of worrying whether your kid is going to be missing limbs or have an IQ lower than the top speed of your skateboard, you can focus on whether you want them to be track stars or piano prodigies. Your kid might still be a spoiled brat, but at least she’ll be a genius.

5. 2001


Source: MGM

Some people might be wondering: just what’s so great about living in the world of 2001? To which the obvious response is: This is the future of 1968. And you know what that means. Free love, excellent music, and retro fashion.

With these things also come evil computers and menacing monoliths, but we must take the good with the bad. Hal kind of gave a bad name to artificial intelligence and machines for the next forty years, but we shouldn’t let that ruin the rotating radicalness that Dave and company get to enjoy in 2001. Let’s focus on the fact that space travel in 2001 is one of the more psychedelic activities one can take part in, short of overdosing on acid in the middle of a Santana jam in the mud. And that’s nothing to turn your nose up at.

4. Blade Runner

Yes, this is a dystopian future. Yes, the Replicants have escaped Nexus-6 and are wreaking havoc in Los Angeles, dropping their longer-lived peers like flies. And, yes, it appears daylight no longer exists and people live in triangular co-ops and are menaced by flying advertisements that trumpet unintelligible jibberish at them incessantly. So, there’s a lot to improve. However, all of this is balanced out by two words:

Flying cars.

That’s right. People now have access to that great, unfulfilled promise of the future. Their world might look miserable, but they now have the luxury of looking at it from a bird’s eye view. Does everyone’s car fly? No, of course not, but then, not everyone’s car has leather interior or heated seats right now, and you don’t hear anyone moaning about it. The point is, if you keep your nose to the grindstone, and don’t mind living in an Orwellian nightmare of a hellhole, you might very well one day be able to buy yourself a flying car. Those Replicants don’t realize how good they’ve got it.


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