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The Top Nine Teams with the Biggest Bandwagon Fans

by davidbreitman   January 10, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 5,425

4. The Olympics

Photo: ATTILA KISBENEDEK/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

People support these things once every four years…tops. Zero loyalty.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Earlier this year, some Spike.com writers visited a nearby sports bar to watch the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Toronto Raptors. Midway through the game, an El Salvadorian immigrant wearing a Kurt Rambis jersey (no shirt underneath) explained that he had been a Lakers fan his “entire life, bro” after detailing how much he loves the celebrity crowds and Kobe Bryant. With the exception of his subsequent complaint about Jordan Farmar’s playing time – which had been drastically cut to him no longer playing for Los Angeles – his Denzel Washington celebrity fan praise essentially summed up the entire Lakers fan base better than any Boston Celtics fan ever could.


2. Dallas Cowboys

Photo: Chris Chambers
/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Just because the Cowboys decided to start calling themselves “America’s team” a few decades ago doesn’t give everybody in the United States the right to cheer for them. Sure, their rich tradition of coaching changes and roster arrests make the Cowboys an appealing choice for people in non-NFL cities like Los Angeles, but at some point fans have to sit back and say “this wagon is a little crowded. I think I’m going to go jump on the Jacksonville Jaguars’ one. It offers a lot of leg room.”

1. New York Yankees

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

When Scandinavian immigrants start wearing Derek Jeter jerseys to their co-ed rec league curling matches because “that Jay-Z fella said they were cool,” it might be time to admit that the team’s fan base isn’t exactly filled with homegrown/legitimate fans. From LeBron James to the Canadian kid in my college dormitory who smelled like devalued currency and poor motor skills, the Yankees boast an eclectic mix of fans who woke up one day and thought “if I’m going to cheer for a baseball team, it might as well be a popular one that wins all the time.”



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