How to backup DVD to DVD/Video_TS/ISO file/DVDMedia on Mac

August 13, 2009

Sometimes you may need to backup your favorite movies to better save your original DVDs. Here are some guide information on how to realise your require.

Step1. Launch DVD Backup

Launch a DVD Backup for Mac and insert DVD as indicate. If you have external optical driver, the program will also ask you to choose which driver you need to insert DVD.

Step2: Select DVD Copy Method

After inserting DVD, you can choose to copy your DVD to the following way: Click DVD Disc in output options to burn DVD to the blank disc. If you insert D9 disc, you can choose the D9 to D5 compression option to burn D9 disc to D5 disc. Besides, you can also choose to copy DVD to DVD folder, DVD media format or ISO file. You can also choose to save these three formats to your external hard disk. After choosing the copy options, the interface will turn around to another interface.

Step 3. Choose DVD Copy Method and Finish Settings

In the interface you can see the DVD whole contents in the menu list. You can choose Main Movie Copy, Customized Copy or Full Copy from Copy Options according to your needs. After simple tip, click Start button to begin burning. After clicking start button, you need to type in the DVD name for the new disc. And you also need to choose optical driver to burn the disc if there is more than one driver. You can also choose the copy speed and quantity according to your own need.

Step 4: Start Copying DVD

When the setting finished, DVD Copy Pro will start burning DVD and save the data to a temperate file. After burning, the program starts encoding DVD and will inform you to insert a suitable blank DVD disc. Then you can surf website or listen to the music and check icon progress strip sometimes. The program will inform you the completion of burning later. Now you can enjoy your DVD movies with new disc and save the other one as collector's edition.