Nazi Waffen SS vs. Taliban

August 27, 2010

Nazi Waffen SS weapons:MP28,Bouncing Betty,Flammenwerfer,and Mauser C96

Taliban weapons:AK-47,PMN,RPG-7,and Makarov

Long Range(MP28 vs. AK-47)-Edge:Even

Explosives(Bouncing Betty vs. PMN)-Edge:Bouncing Betty.This is a squad on squad fight and the bouncing betty is better at taking out groups of enemies.

Mid Range(Flammenwerfer vs. RPG-7)-Edge:RPG-7.It has a further range than the flammenwerfer and it's also more effective.

Short Range(Mauser C96 vs. Makarov)-Edge:Mauser C96.It has more rounds in the magazine and it can be fired fully automatically.

5 Waffen SS soldiers are seen in the parking lot of an Afghanistan grocery store.For a brief moment the area is silent,but soon an RPG-7 blast is heard.A taliban squad is trying to intimidate the nazis.Another rocket is soon fired.It hits a car.Pieces go flying in every direction.Along with the car,a nazi is also destroyed.Waffen SS-4 Taliban-5

The Waffen SS squad boss takes out an MP28 and fires at all the taliban members.Two are eventually killed.Waffen SS-4 Taliban-3

The last 3 taliban members quickly retreat into the store.One is soon shot in the leg by a Mauser C96.The nazis ignore him and leave him.They follow the other taliban members into the store.A brief moment later,the wounded taliban guy gets up and rushes to a grassy area.Here he burries a PMN and then takes out an AK-47.Near the store's entrance,another taliban member quickly retreats from a nazi who's firing a flammenwerfer.The taliban operative runs as fast as his legs can carry him,but he stops right at the door.Eventually,the flammenwerfer unleashes extremely hot flames.The exhausted taliban member is dead in a few seconds.Waffen SS-4 Taliban-2

Behind a row of shopping carts,one of the last 2 taliban operatives quickly draws a Makarov from his pocket.He aims for the nazi's head and eventually damage is done.A hole is shot in the back of the nazi's head.Waffen SS-3 Taliban-2

One of the last 3 nazis quickly and quietly burries a Bouncing Betty in a place covered in sand.Suddenly,he sees a taliban member and fires his Mauser C96.The taliban is dead.Waffen SS-3 Taliban 1

The last taliban member is hiding behind a bush near the store.He takes out an AK-47 and shoots 1 of the last 3 nazis.The nazi is dead in a few seconds.Waffen SS-2 Taliban 1

Another nazi is seen near a car at the stores's parking lot.When he hears gunshots he quickly retreats but he soon steps on the PMN burried in the grassy area.Waffen SS-1 Taliban-1

The explosion is heard by the last nazi,who soon crouches down near another row of shopping.He's hopping the last taliban member will step on the Bouncing Betty.In case he doesn't the nazi loads an MP28.Seeing the taliban member,he fires.Wounded,but not mortally,the taliban retreats.Eventually,he steps on the mine which quickly jumps out of the sand and sends lots of steel balls flying in every direction.The fight is finally over.Waffen SS-1 Taliban0

                                   Winner:Nazi Waffen SS