Gracious in Defeat

October 30, 2008

In last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Jules Bruchez was taken out by Vinny Magalhaes in a first-round submission, but he remains surprisingly optimistic about his experience in the house, his future with the UFC and his overall outlook on life. Bruchez took out some time to sit down with and revealed, among other things, that he really, really likes to talk. I can't post everything we discussed, so hit the jump for all the best bites on Nogueira, Stankie and why it's cool for a bunch of dudes to bake each other cakes.
SP: Nogueira seemed to really take a liking to you, can you talk about what it was like having someone of his stature latch onto you?

JB: It's hard to explain in words because it's something you don't expect; just a year before, I'm watching previews and replays of Nogueira fighting Fedor [Emelianenko]. Seeing Nogueira on TV, I would wonder what's like to go to one of those events and meet those people. So when I found out the names of the coaches and I knew I was going onto the show, I was psyched. I could care less who my coach was at that point, because I knew I could learn from either one. When he [Nogueira] walked through the door, it was just like, I don't know. I felt like a kid, like I was at a birthday party and that was a gift. It was just unbelievable. Then when I met him and got to know him, I had no clue he was that type of person. If you look at him, he looks like one tough son of a bitch and you don't want to cross him, but I came to find out that he's down-to-Earth, really emotional, really cares about people. Getting to know him and getting close to him really meant a lot to me. It was really good to get to know someone like that.

SP: Why did you grab his leg and take him down?

JB: I don't make any excuses, I lost fair and square to a guy that's really good, but one of the things that threw me off was that Vinny's leg's kicks were actually good. So when he hit me with the leg kick, it threw my distance way off and I was just like, ‘Oh Sh*t.' My natural reaction was just to catch his leg and sweep him to the ground when he throws that knee.

SP: Where did you learn how to bake like that?

JB: That cake was so good; everyone ate that cake! I love to bake cakes, I love to cook. I hate to clean, but I like to cook. When it comes to cakes and stuff, my fiancée makes fun of me because we'll go to weddings and I'll complain about how the cake is no good; it's not moist enough. She and I are getting married and people are charging like $600 for a weeding cake, so I'm baking my own cake. When I found out it was Nogueira's birthday I was like, ‘Oh yes, I've been waiting to bake a cake!' Then I came out with the raw cookie dough icing and that just topped if off. A lot of guys didn't want to eat cake because they had fights coming up. But once they tried it, it was on, and that cake was just gone.

SP: Prior to your fight, you said being in the house was one of the best experiences of your life, does that hold up now that you've lost?

JB: Oh yea. I lost because of me. I didn't lose because of anyone else. This was the greatest opportunity I've ever had in my life.

SP: what are your thoughts on Stankie?

JB: He's awesome. He's like Mickey from Rocky. The only problem with him is that he wants you to do 20-hit combos and we're not Mayweather. But if you got to sit there and really work with him, I assure you, you'd learn a lot. But even if you got nothing from him in terms of stand-up, he was extremely motivational. He is a wise man who has been in the game for a long time.


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