Life of a taxi driver

October 23, 2010

The Life of a taxi driver.
The life of a taxi driver is a story that i am writing.
I do not have to total story ready but I am going to publish a small part of my plan to see what kind of responses I get.
Please do not judge me on my English, I will let a professional translate everything eventually.

The life of a taxi driver is based on my own experience as a taxi driver in Eindhoven.
Eindhoven is the 5th city of Holland. The competition in the taxi business in Eindhoven is really hard.
Especially if you try to do the right thing.
In Eindhoven there are a lot of small taxi companies who only think of making money in a short amount of time.
They try to drive more miles than necessary but they do not think further than that.
If you are honest to your customers they will call you more and eventually you will make more money and you can still look people straight in the eyes. The biggest problem for a taxi driver is the night.
You will get a lot of drunk customers and that is not always good fun.
They will make your life a living hell. It is really strange that people who drink just can’t behave anymore.
The company that I work for is a company that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this means that the drivers work in different shifts (one week day, the other week nights).
The days are good, you have school children, sweet old people and business people that want to go to the different airports.

I want to make a big chapter about taxi’s in Eindhoven during the night.
Of course also about the day (The life of a taxi driver in Eindhoven is not only the bad nights but also the fun days) but I wonder if people really like to read everything or only the exciting stuff that happens at night.
Please comment me with your opinion!
I had a lot of small fights in my taxi in Eindhoven but also in the places around and also some big problems that I know are interesting to read.

Please let me know and teach me how to make my story interesting.
Thank you very much!

Bennie de Wit
Taxicentrale Lichtstad