21-Year-Old Wins $8 Million at World Series of Poker Over Much Older, Delusional Degenerates

November 10, 2009

In a game of poker that was probably exciting enough to be shown at 3:00am on ESPN 17, a young man who dropped out of college to pursue a professional gambling career (great job by the parents on that one) defied the odds and won the single largest pot in the history of televised poker.

Joe Cada, a remarkably uninteresting man from some small town in Michigan, won the final pot by calling with a pair of pocket nines, something the 9,000 losers of the tournament were shocked emerged as the winning hand.

Cada became the youngest “athlete” to ever win the World Series of Poker, giving him years to eventually lose back all the money and begin a life of signing autographs at local Denny’s on the Las Vegas Strip.

Source: Robyn Beck/Getty Images