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Mantenna - Thursday, December 10

by spike.com   December 10, 2009 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 120

Teri Hatcher gives us a sexy new striptease, James Cameron is headed for a Fantastic Voyage, and Eminem gets named the best-selling artist of the decade...the Mantenna is so damn good!

Source: Jean-Paul Aussenard/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Teri Hatcher’s Sexy Striptease

The next season of Desperate Housewives is likely to be a whole lot sexier after Teri Hatcher was spied taking striptease classes for the show. The 45-year-old has reportedly been learning the fine art of stripping, working the pole two hours a day for the last three days in preparation for a scene shot yesterday. Her instructor Sheila Kelley, the creator of the striptease workout S-Factor, says Terri is “so amazing, on the pole, off the pole, just standing when she circles her body and she does her hips. I mean literally, your mouth drops open. Oh my God is she hot. She's so beautiful.” We can’t wait. [E! Online]

Jon Gosselin Misses Court Date, Loses First Round

Reality television dad Jon Gosselin has missed the opening day of his court case against TLC. The cable company, who air his show Jon & Kate Plus 8, is trying to stop Gosselin from “making media appearances that it says violate his exclusive contract.” The 32-year-old believes he has the right to make a living as a media personality. Today a Montgomery County judge ruled in favor of the TLC cable channel and ordered Gosselin to quit appearing in the media for now. It’s about time someone gagged him. [Baltimore Sun]

James Cameron Headed for a Fantastic Voyage

After finding out yesterday only that James Cameron is developing a Shane Salerno-scripted sci-fi action script for Fox, described as an "event" film set in the future, it’s since surfaced that Cameron is not, in fact, developing Salern’s script Doomsday Protocol. Rather, he’s going to remake – in 3D, of course – Fantastic Voyage. He won’t be directing, but wearing the producer’s hat instead. The original was released in 1966 and followed a scientific medical crew that shrinks itself down to a cellular level to save the life of a diplomat who suffered an assassination attempt. Sounds like Innerspace, minus Martin Short. Since Cameron’s not directing, we guess he’s still available to do Battle Angel, too. [MTV]

The Movie About Dracula Won’t Have Any Vampires

A recent interview with actor/screenwriter Charlie Hunnam revealed that his script about Vlad the Impaler, titled Vlad – despite the fact that this is the man who “historically” first became a vampire – will not include any vampires. It’s hard to know whether we should feel ripped off or vindicated, but Hunnam has this to say about the matter: “He had the advantage of fighting on home ground and he knew the terrain better, which gave him the ability to fight at night. Because he would fight at night, he would try to get his men on a night schedule, so they hadn’t already been up for 12 hours through the day. There are a million ways to show that this guy is the origin of vampirism without actually having him drinking blood.” Indeed. [Hollywood Insider]

Eminem Named Best-Selling Artist of the Decade


Source: Michel Linssen/Getty Images

According to Nielsen SoundScan, Eminem has sold more than 32.2 million albums since 2000 and has bumped the Beatles from their top spot as the highest-selling act of the decade. Two of his albums, The Marshall Mathers LP, with over 10 million sold, and The Eminem Show at just under 10 million, ranked in the top five bestselling records of the ‘00s. First on the list of bestselling records was The Beatles for their greatest hits LP 1, and second on the list was No Strings Attached by Justin Timberlake's former boyband 'N Sync. Seeing 'N Sync and The Beatles side by side is kind of scary.. [Paste]

Strippers Really Impressed With Tiger's Oral Hygiene

One of the more "whorish" members of the Tiger Woods harem recently explained in an interview that she and one of the other girls who danced at his bachelor party found his teeth to be particularly impressive. "He's like the whitest black boy you've ever met. His teeth are perfect and he's the perfect gentleman. He's beautiful." His wife must be gleaming with pride at this point. [Deadspin]

Facebook's Snazzy New Interface Includes Sweeping Privacy Changes

Facebook launched new privacy settings this week. Cosmetically, this means that the settings are explained more clearly and are marginally easier to manage. Unfortunately, some of the most significant changes actually make preserving privacy harder for its users: profile elements that could previously be restricted to 'Only Friends' are now designated as irrevocably publicly available: 'Publicly available information includes your name, profile picture, gender, current city, networks, friend list, and Pages.' Where you could previously preserve the privacy of this information and remain publicly searchable only by name, Facebook now forces you to either give up this information to anyone with a Facebook account, or to restrict your search visibility — which of course limits the usefulness of the site far beyond how not publicly sharing your profile picture would. [Facebook]

WiFi Thief Causes Bomb Scare

A resourceful Pennsylvania man waterproofed his router using a box and tape before sticking it onto his windowsill to use a nearby library's wi-fi. Too bad that he taped the gadget up so well that it looked like a bomb. The gist of the story is that the guy's taped up router-in-a-box fell off his third floor windowsill and caused the person who found it to panic and call the police. An explosives expert squad was then sent in and "neutralized" the threat. In other news, Pennsylvania just found out what computers are. [Penn Live]

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