Dirk Nowitzki's Greatness Captured in the Awesome Power of LEGO

June 28, 2011
There are many signs that you've officially made it as a world class athlete: your picture appears on a Wheaties box, you get your own line of shoes, you rack up enough civil suits to fill an entire off-season. Dallas Mavericks' MVP Dirk Nowitzki's awesomeness has led to an all-new milestone for future super athletes.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center at the Grapevine Mills Mall unveiled a life-size statue of Nowitzki made out of 40,000 LEGO bricks in honor of his team's big win over evil, er, Lebron James and the Miami Heat at the recent NBA Finals.

And just how authentic is this permanent, steel rod-enforced display? Both Dirk and the LEGO bricks came from Germany.

Here's Dirk at Legoland theme park in Gunzburg, Germany back in 2003:

Photo: OLIVER LANG/Ronald Martine/Getty Images