Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Leaked, Makeshift Trailer Results

February 2, 2010

More gameplay footage from the Chinese Democracy of the video game world hit the 'net earlier this week, and some die-hard fans went ahead and made an unofficial trailer out of it. So what's all the fuss been about for the last twelve years? Time to find out.

Much like the ill-fated GnR album, this fan-made trailer cobbles together various pieces of work throughout the years, and the aging process at times is very obvious. However, the more recent footage does occasionally make us long for what might have been, and it makes us wonder just how far away from a finished product 3D Realms was before calling it a day.

So what's the game's fate now? Only time will tell. But, as a wise man once said: "Always bet on Duke."


Source: Kotaku