Meet the Magnifique French Me Femmes

July 20, 2009

Fast food chains Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. continue to push the boundaries of sexiness in advertising by employing a troupe of sexy French maids to tour the country and spread the word about a new sandwich.

The four maids (who have been dubbed the "French Me Femmes") will tour the country, appearing at regional events where they will mix with fans, pose for photos, and do all the things sexy French maids do. Isabelle, the Captain of the French Maids, said, “We Mesdemoiselles cannot wait to pull on our stockings and get a little dirty. Zere are hungry messieurs all over zee country and we are going to French zem all with Hardee's new creme de la creme of burgers...the French Dip Thickburger!”

Ooh la la! Sounds like fun.


Source: Hardee's/Carl's Jr.