The Los Angeles Lakers Don't Need a Champagne Room... They Have a Sauna for That

February 16, 2010

Ever wonder why players are always doing post-game interviews half-naked with a big smile on their face? In Hollywood, there’s a pretty good reason for that.

In a new biography about former Los Angeles Lakers General Manager Jerry West, author Roland Lazenby notes that “the team's locker room, and its sauna, had been a place where the star and other players had entertained women, even right after games. [Magic] Johnson would retire to the sauna after a game, have sex, then put on a robe and return to the locker room for his postgame media interviews."

In a possibly misleading quote directly after West added that “I cared. I did things for those guys. It was ridiculous, some of the things I did for those guys. If the public knew, they'd be outraged. It was a pretty crazy period for us.”

If the NBA is a “copycat league” does this mean that other teams (and my YMCA intramural squad - "The Hinrich Manuever" ) should adopt a similar strategy?

Source: Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images