In All Fairness, Who Isn't?

August 9, 2010

British newspaper editors either have biting senses of humor or tremendous severance packages, because hilariously offensive headlines like this don’t just happen by accident.

While previewing a game between the Tottenham Spurs and BSC Young Boys (because the name “Supple Teenagers" was already taken), The Sun decided to use a pedophiliac teaser rather than any of the 312 other possibilities that did not conjure up images of Manu Ginobili sexually assaulting a small child in Tim Duncan’s sex dungeon.

The paper has yet to adjust the gaffe, and appears to have no qualms leaving the headline on their front page.

It's nice to see journalists sticking to their guns. Special interests groups like "normal people" and "children" have been controlling the media for far too long.

Photo: The Sun