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Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben

by spike.com   October 19, 2008 at 3:30PM  |  Views: 378

Heading into the cage, Bisping is fired up and definitely feeding off the home field advantage but Leben is totally focused and remains stone-faced through the excitement.

Round 1
Leben looks to have a strict game plan as he holds back his hands and throws repeated kicks to Bisping's lower leg. Leben finally starts to let a few punches go. He's timing them nicely and staying inside, but he still can't seem to keep up with Bisping's footwork. In the clinch, Bisping again gains the advantage over Leben then lands a solid head kick. Leben is still focused and following his game plan. Bisping seems to be calming his nerves and settling into a rhythm. He tags Leben, who begins to bleed from the nose. For the first time, Leben's concentration may have faltered and he throws a few wild punches at the end of the round, but regains his composure before the bell.

Round 2
Leben has found his concentration again, but still can't keep up with Bisping's feet. --Pause for the third nut shot of the evening. Bisping is on the receiving end and seems to be hurt worse that the other fighters but he's back to action before too long-- Bisping is sticking to his own game plan; jab and move, jab and move. As Leben chases Bisping around the cage, he may be getting a little frustrated and begins to resort back to old habits.

Round 3
Leben may realize he's behind on the scorecards and in desperation, abandons his strategic game plan. He keeps his left hand fully cocked for most of the round, just waiting for a Bisping mistake. Leben then mixes it up and scores a takedown. Bisping clearly wants the fight to go back to the feet and it's not long before Leben obliges. Leben glares at the clock and with :20 remaining, he goes into full rapid-fire mode. In the last few seconds he sticks his chin out, antagonizing Bisping in an attempt to show the judges he's not phased by Bisping's blows.

As the decision is read back, both fighters shake their heads expectantly until Bisping is announced the unanimous victor.

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