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Very Emergency supporting Peter Frampton

by jdcmusicgroup   June 15, 2009 at 5:54PM  |  Views: 53

After more than 30 years, Peter Frampton has reunited with the legendary and illustrious Chris Kimsey (widely known in the producing world for lending his talent to such Frampton albums as Frampton Comes Alive!, Wind Of Change, and Something’s Happening, as well as the Rolling Stones’ Some Girls, Tattoo You and albums by Duran, Duran and The Killing Joke . What’s the uniting force between Frampton and Kimsey, you ask? Up-and-coming Lexington, Kentucky band Very Emergency  five ambitious, talented and resourceful guys who stuck their neck out and saw that Frampton heard their version of his 1977 song “I’m in You.”

“I never would have thought of the song that way,” said Frampton – but he liked it...so much so that he invited the guys to come record a version of the song in his home studio! Frampton himself backed them up on guitar and vocals on the recording, which will be released as a single in conjunction with their upcoming debut album The Getaway. Produced by Kimsey, The Getaway is a concept album about a character who comes from a wealthy upbringing but turns to a life of crime. Very Emergency vocalist Kenneth Fletcher says that though the album follows a fictitious character, many of the songs symbolize struggles that the band has gone through, including “graduating college in today’s cold economic climate, failed relationships, and a constantly changing idea of morality.”

The band’s struggles, for the most part, seem to be a thing of the past. This is a story of five guys in a band from a mid-sized Kentucky town, who went out on a limb, garnered the attention of both a legendary producer and legendary rock star, and are now on the cusp of making it big...all we ask from you is that you help share it!

Release date: July 2009