Breakfast of Champions: Caffeine Chips

May 20, 2008


Engobi is a caffeine-infused chip.  Take your time with that.  Did somebody say, “Breakfast of champions?”Yes, we just did.  We said it.  We said it because it’s true, but alsobecause we’re committed to bringing you as many chemical enhancements and relevantnews bits as we can possibly cram in your mucous membranes.

Happily, Engobi happens to fit both categories of news and chemicals while filling three ofyour membranes (assuming you’re not a pirate, and you’re reading this with twoeyes).  

Engobi stands for “energy go bites” because there just isn’ttime for separate words anymore! They have 70% more caffeine than energy drinks. Chewthese lil’ guys up and you’ll likely exist in a blurry tunnel of your ownvision as you race circles around your house alternately organizing your CDsand folding socks. 

Now in Cinnamon Surge and Lemon Lift!