The Top 6 Worst Drinks Seen on Bar Rescue

April 30, 2013

When we go to a bar we want a drink that tastes good, something that we can finish and be happy we drank it and of course order another one. Well, if you ask some of Jon Taffer's recon personnel they have had some bad experiences with drinks. From lumpy mixed drinks to warm beers and more, we have seen some awful drinks on Bar Rescue. Let's hope none of our local bars are serving anything this bad.

6. The Turtle Bay Hand Grenade

Let's just say the guys at Turtle Bay weren't the most creative guys out there. These guys couldn't come up with their own drink ideas so they decided it would be best to steal the drink idea of the Hand Grenade from the bar next door. This didn't work out too well after they had to pay a hefty penny for lawyers if you're catching my drift.

5. Sex on the Beach

When two people order the same drink you would expect them to get the same drink, right? Well that wasn't the case at Extremes when Jon's two recon personnel both ordered Sex on the Beach just to find out the drink came in two different colors. Someone added too much something and Jon isn't happy.

4. Warm Stella

I think if there is one thing all people can agree on it's that warm beer is the absolute worst. Jon's wife, Nicole, knows this all too well when she was served a warm Stella that wasn't even poured; it magically came out of the cupboard ready to go. So draft or bottle doesn't exist at this bar?

3. Inception Bomb


I'm still unclear on what the Inception Bomb is. I guess it's a shot within a shot, within a shot, within a glass, within a pitcher…Yeah sounds absolutely horrendous, unless you plan on ending your night early. Wait, there is even more, you must complete the Inception Bomb within ten seconds! My hangover has already started…

2. The So Called "Pina Colada"

This Pina Colada was anything but a Pina Colada. It was more or less a lumpy, cold, sugary drink. Sugary alcoholic drinks can be the worst especially if all the sugar gives you a headache after taking one sip. I guess most of the people at this bar were getting a sugar buzz instead of an alcohol buzz.

1. The Grog

Jon Taffer sends a special undercover duo to scope out Piratz Tavern and we get a look at one of the grossest drinks of all time, THE GROG.

What's your pick?