My Possible Future Match-Ups

October 5, 2010

This is a rather short entry I'll be making, and I know I promised posting a new match at this time, though some personal situations have prevented me from that. Anyway, with the very good feedback I received from everyone regarding Medellin Cartel vs. Yakuza, I'll be hosting my own line-up of Deadliest Warrior matches, all of them will be as highly detailed and unique, even with warriors already been used in the past episodes. My specialty is modern warriors (gunpowder weapons). Here are my current match line-ups (note that some of these may be subject to change later on)...

Russian Streltsy vs. Cherokee

British Special Air Service vs. Chinese Peoples' Liberation Army

William Wallace vs. King Leonidas

Ottoman Jannisary vs. Spanish Conquistador

Sun Tzu vs. Alexander the Great

Indian Gurkhas vs. French Foreign Legion

Viking vs. Mongol

Corsairs vs. Wokou

Ottoman Sipahis vs. British Dragoons

Atilla the Hun vs. Vlad the Impaler

Chinese Triad vs. Russian Mafiya

Swiss Guard vs. German Landsknecht

Taliban vs. Viet Cong

Polish Hussar vs. Russian Cossack

Korean 707th Battalion vs. Canadian Joint Task Force 2

Richard the Lionheart vs. Mehmed II



As you can see, I have several matches that range from rematches, to high-profile warriors we've wanted to see on Deadliest Warrior, to some warriors most of you have probably never even heard of. Feel free to comment or leave your opinions or suggestions here. I might just write about it in the future. And just a note, this is all just a list of possible matches, I may not write some, or I may rewrite who's fighitng who. Anyway, I hope to eventually post one of these up soon, so let me know what you guys think!

~Mr. Francavilla