CIA vs IDF (Israeli Commando)

October 20, 2010

Beginning Assesment: America's Central Intelligence Agency spies that would work undercover to get secrets and has a liscense to kill. The trained Commando's of Israeli fending off the Jewish nation. Who. Is. DEADLIEST?


Long Range: M4A1 Carbine.

Medium Range: MAC-10.

Short Range: Garrote.

Explosive: Cigar Bomb & C4.


Long Range: Micro Galil.

Medium Range: Skorpion.

Short Range: KA-BAR Knife.

Explosive: Cell Phone Bomb & Semtex.


Carbine vs Galil. Edge = M4A1 Carbine.

The M4A1 is more accurate then the Micro Galil.

MAC-10 vs Skorpion. Edge = MAC-10.

As seen on 'Deadliest Warrior' the MAC-10 gets an edge for accuracy.

Garrote vs KA-BAR. Edge = KA-BAR.

With a knife you can get right in with your enemy which means you'll definately kill first strike, where a Garrote, you need to sneak up from behind.

Cigar Bomb vs Phone Bomb. Edge = Even.

With both these bombs where you put a plastic explosive in each (C4, Semtex). They will only kill their target, but each one has to be used first.


An Israeli Commando team, bent over a table, go over plans on their blue prints. One of their operatives have sent a rigged cell phone, full of semtex, and came back to the table. He used his phone to call the rigged phone, and another one that came up with the plan smokes a cigar a friend had given him. As the phone was ringing, and the cigar was burning, at the same time the man on the line said, "Central Intelligence Agency, How may I help you?" the smoker said, "Wait, that's my friend's voice..."

The phone exploded and the cigar went boom, the CIA man didn't know what happened and saw the Agent with half the phone and his hand in his face. The cigar shot off the jaw and he was now mouthless. Both teams were immediately surprised from the blown up agent/ commando.

The rest of the team pull up their rifles and auto-pistols, some were armed with garrote's and knives. A Commando had his rifle ready, walking down an alley, before he can get into a street he saw a man walk out of another building. A business looking man, wearing a navy blue suit and red tie, also having nice combed hair. The Commando went over to him, thinking he was a normal civilian. "Excuse me sir," the Commando began, "but this area has to be evacuated." The man didn't say anything, but out of nowhere he pulled something out from under his suit, a MAC-10, before the Commando can raise his galil, the suited man shot him in the chest multiple times. "There," he said, now known as a CIA Agent. "Evacuated. Happy?"

CIA: 5. IDF: 4.

The CIA Agent that just shot the Commando runs back in the building, and appears on the top of the building ready to shoot from above with an M4A1 he left up there. But little did he know another Commando was sneaking up on him, and a KA-BAR appeared in the Agent's neck and was pushed down the building, in a bloodied heap.

The Commando looked down to see where the rest of his team and the enemies were. He pulled out a skorpion and progressed down the building again, which was another kind of law office, and was passing past some lockers, where he sees one split open. As he passed without thinking about the locker another agent jumps out with a garrote and got it around the Commando's neck. The piano wire cut through his trekia, jugular, and windpipe. He couldn't help himself, with the wire cutting more and more, but with the last clench of life, he was able to pull up his skorpion, and shoot behind him, where the choker fell backwards, now decapitating the Commando.

CIA: 3. IDF: 3.

The leader of the Israeli Commando team plants a large number of semtex in the building where the phone call was made. He left, thinking he saw someone coming, but it was a Commando that found another Agent, the detonater made it explode sending both operatives into their deaths. The leader didn't even know, much less give permission for the Commando to go in.

The leader moves on to another building where they pass the door, and a detonater also went off. It killed the other Commando, sending the leader tumbling in the couch inside. The leader wasn't dead, but the Agent didn't know that. When he came out of hiding to check the bodies, seeing one dead and the other...

The leader's galil shot the CIA Agent in the head. He got up, but was walking with a limp. The explosion force wasn't enough to kill him, but it did a job on his leg. He moved on, extra prepared for the last man to come out.

CIA: 1. IDF: 1.

The leader of the Commando's limped over into a new room in the building, which turned out to be a hotel, and the couch he landed on was part of the furniture. He checked all the rooms on the first floor. In the last room he saw nothing. He went toward the elevators, where he planted a new glob of semtex explosive on the door, and sent it up to each floor above. He followed by going up the stairs real silently.

Nothing on the first four floors, but on the fifth one he saw a man ready to shoot a carbine into the coming elevator. He was surprised by the empty elevator, and that was the Commando's chance. He pulled the trigger on the detonater, and the elevator exploded, swallowing the Agent in flames.

CIA: 0. IDF: 1.

IDF: 557.

Micro Galil: 203.

Skorpion: 176.

KA-BAR: 57.

Cell Phone/ Semtex: 121.

CIA: 443.

M4A1 Carbine: 185.

MAC-10: 157.

Garrote: 3.

Cigar/ C4: 98.

Ending Assessment: Even though the CIA were very secretive and sneaky with their killing, the Garrote just lacked to much killing power.

Best Weapon: The Micro Galil was able to shoot 203 bullet deaths.

Worst Weapon: The Garrote only was able to decapitate the Commando's three times.