Warrior Spotlight - Maori

January 21, 2011



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Years: 1300 CE - Present (How? I truly do not know)

Who: The Maoris were a croup of cannibalistic fighters who fought off opposing warriors to protect their land. They arrived to New Zealand in boats, and after battle, you will get a tattoo, or, as the Maori call them, a moku, to tell how good a warrior you are. They would chant before battle, and would stick their tongue out afterwards, meaning that it was a threat they were going to kill you and then eat you, which is an insult to turning someone eight hours later into SH*T!

Weapons: The Maori has a spear called a Taiaha, a few clubs, and the most lethal weapon is the Fruit Poi (MAJOR SARCASM).

win or LOSE: The Maori was chopped liver when he met China's silent killer, the Shaolin Monk in a 308 - 692 Kill Ratio. This warrior has the largest loss margin for any ancient warrior.