All Access Weekly: Katie Linendoll’s Web Addictions

April 11, 2012

Tune in to All Access Weekly on Thursday at midnight, to see one of my web addictions:! Here's another look at that endless wellspring of happiness, along with a few other ways to waste way too much of your time. Enjoy.

Want to say something to someone? Want to say it in absurdly large font? And would you by chance like it if that font flickered with schizophrenic flashes of color? Well, you're in luck. lets you send quirky messages to friends, each with their own unique web address.

Which is exactly what you were wondering, right? Me too! If you have the patience to type in this way-too-long URL, you'll be rewarded with the knowledge of exactly how many human beings are in space at any given time. Good to know.

Kick it old school. This online reboot of the classic game rises above all the others, because they went ahead and incorporated a low-res graphic of an old TV and NES. Brilliant! Nostalgia win.

One of the more practical examples in the lineup, but worthwhile nonetheless. If you're shopping online, stop by Ebates first. All you have to do is pick from their list stores and click through to your preferred retailer. It'll be considered a referral, which means that you get cash back on whatever you end up purchasing online. For example: I use Orbitz to book flights and hotels, and immediately receive a kickback check in the mail. It works!

Last but not least, If you were one of the lucky kids who got to choose a laser background upgrade for your yearly school pictures in elementary school, the pics on this site will take you back. As will the bad haircuts, which really aren't all that bad, because there are sweet lasers behind them. Right?

And remember to catch All Access Weekly Thursdays at midnight on Spike.

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