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Deadliest warrior - Viking vs Celt Warrior

by Johnnyfear   July 21, 2010 at 12:45PM  |  Views: 1,623

Short Range: Celtic Long sword vs Battle Axe – Battle Axe due to its longer reach and powerful hacking power

Mid Range: Viking long Sword vs Lancea – Lancea due to its longer reach and use for mid range and long range combat

Long range:  Sling vs Double Spears:  Double Spear – Due to its long reach and penetration power and great use for mid range combat as well

Special weapons: Burda Club vs Viking Shield: Viking Shield due to the options to use as an offensive and defensive weapon. And I don’t see the Burda Club inflicting a mid massive damage into the shield unlike the Samurai Kanabo.

The Battle:

The Celt warrior is seen riding his chariot along with his comrade in battle preparing to return to camp when suddenly; they both heard a creeping sound in the bushes. The Viking immediately popped out of the scene and threw his double spear into the Celt warrior. The spears hits one Celt in the chest and loses control of the chariot, while the other spear manages to knit the Celt’s warrior left arm. The chariot fumbles in the ground rendering it useless. The Celt warrior manages to pull himself together and retrieves his weapons. The Viking runs to attack his foe using his battle axe. The Celt loads his Sling and hurls the rock into the Viking, Luckily the helmet protects the Viking and the rock deflects into the battle helmet. The Celt warrior loads another sling and once again hurls the rock into his foe, but this time he misses his target. The Viking continues his approach while the Celt grabs his lancea spear and attacks the Viking head on.

Both Warriors traded blows with their weapons, The Battle Axe is too slow for the Celt warrior and was able to dodge every deadly blows from it. The Lancea spear manages to pierce the right shoulder of the Viking warrior. He quickly removes the spear from his shoulders. It Leaves the Viking open for an attack and the celt was able to deliver a punishing blow from his fist knocking the Viking down. The Celt runs away for a moment and the Viking manages to retain some of his strengths and rush forward and continue to the duel. Once again the two warriors met again and continue the duel. The Viking Swings his Axe nearly cleaving his Celt enemy in half. In Only Gashes the leather armor of the Celt.  The Celt warrior retreats again in order to throw his Lancea spear towards the Viking.  He Patiently waits for the Viking to appear, The Viking comes running down the area with wild rage of anger in his eyes determine to kill his foe.  The Celt threw the Lancea Spear missing his Viking Opponent on a Small Margin. The Viking manages to swing his Battle Axe and misses again, only this time the Celt manages to wrestle the Viking unto the ground disarming him with his Battle Axe.

Both warrior trade punches with each other in the fight, they both stand up quickly as possible, The Celt draws his Long sword and Burda club while the Viking retrieves his shield from the ground which was embedded in his back earlier and draws his own Long sword. Both warriors charges immediately on each other, both warriors traded sword blows violently hoping to kill one another. The Celt swings his club hitting the Shield with no damage. The Viking responded by using his shield as an offensive weapon striking the Celt’s unarmored chest which knocks him down on his bum. The Celt stands up and resumes the attack on his foe. The Viking sword manages to land on the Celt’s forearm inflicting a huge scar on it. The Celt responded by swinging his sword violently but to no avail. The Viking disarms the Celt with his Burda club leaving the Long sword his only weapon in hand. The Celt’s Long Sword Landed on the shield with massive impact While the Viking Kicks the Celt in return for slashing his shield. The Celt charges at the Viking and Grad his Shield and rips it away from his arm and throws into the ground. Both warriors are evenly match just swords in their hands. The Celt made an Offensive attack to the Viking and slashes his chest. The Viking was protected by his chainmail and only receives a bruised cut to the chest strong enough to fracture a rib.

 The Viking proceeds with his attacks as well with his own sword and nearly decapitates the Celt warrior; But the Celt is too fast for the Viking. The Celt tries to swing his sword and decapitate the Viking, The Celt lunges and Attack with his sword and once again cross swords with the Viking. The Viking manages to find an opening and lops the right hand of his Celt opponent. The Celt Yelled in pain so loudly that it could be heard from far away. The Viking decapitates his enemy with one murderous swing with his own long sword. The Viking Raises his hands in victory along with the Celt’s severed head.


Celt Warrior:

Celt Long Sword: 113

Lancea: 210

Sling: 12

Burda Club: 55




Battle Axe: 150

Viking Long Sword: 233

Double Spear: 75

Shield: 15


The Viking won due to his weapons being more effective in battle especially the long range spear unlike the Celt whose useful weapons are the Lancea Spear and Long Sword for combat.

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