Women's Golf Doesn't Want to Get Any Manlier

October 13, 2010

The Ladies Professional Golf Association has changed their bylaws in order to prohibit a 57-year-old transgender competitor from joining the tour. Fat chicks and teenage immigrants, however, are still warmly welcomed.

A recent New York Times article spells it out:

Lana Lawless filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the L.P.G.A., arguing that its requirement that competitors be “female at birth” violates California civil rights law.

Lawless, who made a name for (her?)self on the Long Drivers of America circuit believes that being born with boy parts should not be the determining factor in her eligibility.

“It’s an issue of access and opportunity,” Lawless told The New York Times. “I’ve been shut out because of prejudice.”

Currently, the case is in court, and until it’s resolved Lawless is unable to compete. There are several other lawsuits around the world from transgender athletes trying to enter the exciting – and sparsely watched – world of women’ sports.

I don’t have any strong opinions on the issue, but since it is a hot button topic this seems like a good time to ask you, our valued Spike.com readers, to weigh in on the subject. Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete with men?

Photo: Darren Carroll/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images