Vlad The Impaler Vs William Wallace Round 1 Match 2

November 20, 2010

Beginning Assement: Vlad The Impaler, A Ruthless Man Who Is The Cruelest Man In The World! William Willace, English Knight Slayer Who Led Scotland To Freedom!

                                              WHO IS DEADLIEST?!?!

Vlad The Impaler:Kilij (The Best Sword In The World Hands Down) Halberd (A 3 Sided Killer That Can Kill With 3 Styles) Steel Crossbow (A Long Range Attack That Can Kill With A Lot Of Acuraccy) Hand Cannon (The Most Portable Cannon Around And The Most Accurate) Steel Helmet,Chainmail And Plate Body Armor,Iron Shield.
William Wallace:Claymore (A Three Head Decapitater And Sword Of Choose Of The English Knights) Ball And Chain (A Crushing Wrecking Ball Also A Long Range Tool) Scotish Crossbow (William Wallace's Favorite Long Range Weapon) Hammer And Dirk (Two Short Range Weapons But Have One Thing In Common, They Both Kill!) Iron Helmet,Chainmail,Targe Shield.

Kilij Vs Claymore Edge:Even|Both Are Exellent Swords. One Cuts Three Heads Off The Other Cuts Three Men In Half.
Halberd Vs Ball And Chain Edge:Halberd| Its Pretty Simple Who Gets The Edge Case Closed.
Steel Crossbow Vs Scotish Crossbow Edge:Scotish Crossbow|It Was Close But The Scotish Crossbow Can Go A Little Farther.So First Hit Is The First Kill
Hand Cannon Vs Hammer/Dirk  Edge:Hand Cannon|Out Of Three Weapons,Hand Cannon Has Longer Range And Is Made Of Gun Powder.
Iron Helmet Vs Steel Helmet Edge:Steel Helmet|Steel Is Stronger Then Iron So It Gets The Edge.
Chainmail And Plate Vs Chainmail Edge: Chainmail And Plate|Both Are Chainmail But Vlad's Armor Has Plate So Edge Vlad.
Targe Shield Vs Iron Shield Edge:Targe Shield|Even Though  The Iron Shield Is Stronger, The Targe Has A 1 Foot Spike In The Middle So It Will Kill And Protect.

A Scotish Army Of 5 Walks Into A Forest Of Impaled People. The Army Wanted To Retreat,But William Wallace Ordered Them To Follow Him. They Walk To See Five Men. One Of Them Was Vlad The Impaler. He Fired His Steel Crossbow, And One Of The Scotish Men In The Neck. William Wallace Order His Men To Fire Their Crossbows. Vlad's Men Stood Behind Their Shields. But One Was Hit In The Head
V:4 W:4
The Four Scotish Men Got Out Their Ball And Chains. Two Threw, The Other Two Ran With Theirs. Vlad Got Out His Hand Cannon, And Loaded It. The Scots Were Too Close So He Used The Spike For Both Of Them. One Of The Thrown One Hit A Man In The Skull, Killing Him. William And His Last Guard Got Their Targes And Hammers And Charged. Vlad And His 2 Guards Got Their Halberds And Charged.
V:3 W:2
William Wallace Smashed A Skull Of Vlad's Men Before He Could Lift His Halberd. Vlad Fought The Scotish Guard. The Scots Man Hammered Vlad's Halberd Away And Knocked Him Down. As He Was Going To Smash Vlad's Head In. He Was Stabbed In The Chest.
V:2 W:1
William Wallace Got Out His Dirk. But Vlads Man Knocked It Away. But William Stabbed Him Clean Through The Chest With His Targe. The Leaders Got Out Their Swords And Clashed Until William Got His Dirk At His Foot And Stabbed Vlad In The Stomach. Vlad Reached For His Hand Cannon. He Aimed It At William's Head. He Wanted To Impale Him But He Shot. He Pulled Out The Dirk. He Put Down The Dirk And Put The Hand Cannon Spike Right On William's Chest. Vlad Screamed In Victory And Walked Back To His Castle

    Vlad The Impaler:569
Steel Crossbow:17
Hand Cannon:69

   William Wallace:431
Ball And Chain:7
Scotish Crossbow:85

Ending Asessment:Vlad's Plate On Chainmail And Reach With The Halberd Got Vlad The Win

Best Weapon:Kilij 358 Kills, Vlad The Impaler
Loser Weapon:Ball And Chain 7 Kills,William Wallace