Brian May Compares Katy Perry to Freddie Mercury

June 17, 2009

Katy Perry recently met up with Queen legend Brian May and, for some odd reason, the guitarist compared the pop star to the late, great Freddie Mercury. Brian must not be taking his pills.

Perry has long said that Mercury has been the biggest influence on her musical career and is even planning to get a giant tattoo of Mercury’s face on her back. So Perry was obviously delighted when Mercury's Queen brother Brian May came backstage to meet her after a show in London last week.

She wrote on her blog: "I was oh so flattered and nervous to play infront of him. He was so sweet and my stalker side came out for sure. If you haven't gotten into the amazingness that was/is Queen, get into it."

Ironically enough May was also blown away by Perry and took to his own blog to give praise to the singer and liken her stage presence to that of Mercury.

He wrote, "I walked in and there was Katy Perry and a hot young band tearing it up to an audience who responded to every note, and seldom sat down. No clicks, no backing tracks, no mime show... no huge production... no pretence. Just a really great young singer and artist, pouring her heart out. Brian went on to say that “the best thing of all is her command of mood” and that she’s a true entertainer."

I think Brian may have just been blindsided by Katy’s huge assets and not her musical skill. Just a thought.

Source: Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images