Mantenna - Friday, May 22

May 20, 2009

Ringo Starr hates old people, a porn star is running for Senate, and Bazooka Joe is about to get his own's the Mantenna!

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Porn Star to Run for Senate

Porn star Stormy Daniels is one step closer to running for the U.S. Senate. The adult actress has formed a committee to explore a possible run for the Louisiana Senate seat currently held by Republican David Vitter. In 2007 Vitter was famously linked to a Washington escort service. Ms. Daniels says she is not running simply to gain publicity, but rather as a result of a grass roots draft movement. Daniels has yet to choose a party affiliation. [Perez Hilton]

Olivia Wilde is Flexible

Last week Olivia Wilde was named number one in Maxim’s Hot 100 list. This week the House star appears in GQ magazine in some super hot shots. Wilde is so hot that even Megan Fox, who came in at number two on the Maxim list, is a fan. She said, “Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox." Wilde, an avid animal rights activist, was asked for a response and whether she’d make out with Fox. She replied, “Of course, anything I can do to save the mountain ox, I’m happy to do.” Now that’s hot! [E! Online]

Bazooka Joe Will Probably Blow

But it’s not going to blow bubbles. It’s going to blow chunks when it hits the silver screen: That’s right, Bazooka Joe is about to get its own film. Apparently there were no original ideas left in the world, or even any unoriginal ideas that hadn’t been remade too many times, so Michael Eisner and his company Tornante are going to make a movie about…bubble gum. First time writer Mark Hammer has been tapped to pen the script, which means he just landed the worst gig in the world and will probably suffer from writer’s block for the rest of his life. But hey, maybe this will turn out to be awesome and everyone who loves Bazooka Bubble Gum (like, say, your grandparents) will line up in droves to see it. And then again, maybe someone needs to give Hollywood an intellectual stimulus package. [Screen Rant]

M.I.A. Blasts Clothing Companies


Source: Jamie McCarth/Getty Images

M.I.A., a Sri Lankan native, has been extremely vocal recently about the appalling human rights abuses happening in Sri Lanka. And on her Twitter, M.I.A. spent yesterday listing companies that manufacture in the country, helping to finance Sri Lanka's government in the process. She stated via Twitter: “please get me a list of companies tradin with SL, i know , Marks and Spencers in U.K ZARA, and Ralph lauren makes s*** in SL” She also listed these companies as well: “American Eagle Outfitters BHS, Baby Gap Banana Republic Benneton Bloomingdales, Calvin Klein DNKY Debenhams Disney GLO Kids Guess HanesUSA” [P-Fork]

Ringo Starr Hates Old People

Piers Morgan has branded Ringo Starr "disgusting and selfish" amid reports the Beatles legend snubbed an old lady looking for an autograph. The drummer is alleged to have turned down an elderly lady when she asked for his signature at the Chelsea Flower Show in London earlier this week. And America's Got Talent judge Morgan is so incensed by the claim, he has launched a furious verbal attack on the rocker. He says, "Ringo was always the least talented, ugliest, jammiest member of The Beatles. We can now add the words 'disgusting', 'selfish', 'greedy' and 'thoughtless' to the list too." Hot damn. [Jam Canoe]

FCC Law Allows Government to Search Your Cell Phone

Hold on to your civil liberties kids, it's going to be a bumpy ride! You may not know it, but if you have a wireless router, a cordless phone, remote car-door opener, baby monitor, or cellphone in your house, the FCC claims the right to enter your home without a warrant at any time of the day or night in order to inspect it. That’s the upshot of the rules the agency has followed for years to monitor licensed television and radio stations, and to crack down on pirate radio broadcasters. And the commission maintains the same policy applies to any licensed or unlicensed radio-frequency device. “Anything using RF energy — we have the right to inspect it to make sure it is not causing interference,” says FCC spokesman David Fiske. That also includes devices like Wi-Fi routers that use unlicensed spectrums, Fiske says. Course, if they happen to find your weed stash in the process, that's just a bonus! [Boing Boing]

GM Bankruptcy Not Really on the Down Low After Bankruptcty Website Registered

In early April, GM registered the domain name, the same URL naming schema as Chrysler's bankruptcy informational site, well ahead of their "possible" expected bankruptcy at the end of this month. While nothing currently resides on the site, it's safe to assume it will house everything from court documents to lists of creditors to the price of the big GM logo on the side of the Renaissance Center. The domain, initially registered by former GM subsidiary and current IT provider EDS, and now held by GM, seems to indicate a bankruptcy at the end of this month is a foregone conclusion. You know, if you needed yet another indication of said end game. [Turner Radio]

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