Arnold Sports Festival 2010

March 8, 2010

In Columbus, Ohio if you ask residents to give a word association for the first week of March you may hear the following responses; muscle, chaos, fitness, MMA, body building, martial arts and cheer leaders among other things. That is because the Arnold Sports Festival (formally the Arnold Classic), an expo featuring 17,000 athletes competing in 40+ sports (including 13 Olympic sports) is hosted in Columbus, Ohio every year.

This year the Arnold Sports Festival will be celebrated from March 4th to March 7th. Every year the Arnold Sports Festival continues to grow, and this year is no different. New events in 2010 include; Amateur MMA festival (20 highly competitive MMA bouts on Friday night, March 5th), CrossFit games, Martial Arts festival (judo, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, boxing, wrestling, karate), Arnold Art Expo, skateboarding competition, and an Arnold Sports Training Center. WEC 47 will also take place during the Arnold Sports Festival. WEC 47 will take place at Nationwide Arena on Saturday March 6th. The WEC 47 card features ten bouts including the first bantamweight championship defense for Brian Bowles (faces Dominick Cruz), other bouts include notable fighters such as; former bantamweight champion Miguel Torres,  MMA veteran Jens Pulver, LC Davis and several up and coming WEC stars. Tickets are sold separately. The Arnold Sports Expo (featuring over 700 vendors) will take place between March 5th through March 7th.

What to expect at the Arnold Sports Expo

  • 700+ fitness related vendors (companies include; supplements, sports apparel, fitness equipment & training facilities) occupy booths over the 3 days.
  • The Arnold Sports Expo attracts more than 170,000 fans from across the country every year.
  • Cost to get in is $10 / day. This includes all-day access to the Arnold Sports Expo and competitions such as; Ms. International preliminaries, Amateur bodybuilding, Bench press and weight lifting competitions, Martial Arts festival, wrestling / grappling, figure skating, cheer leading, gymnastics and many other events. Click here for a full list of events at the Arnold Sports Festival.
  • VIP Packages are also available. Packages include tickets to the Arnold Classic finals (Ms. International, Fitness & Figure, professional & amateur bodybuilding, Arnold fitness training seminar, and bikini finals).
  • Free product give-a-ways, samples and countless amounts of contests and opportunities to win prizes.
  • Meet and greets with famous athletes including: UFC, WEC and other MMA stars, Professional bodybuilders, Fitness Models and competitors, professional football players and other extreme athletes.

UFC 96 was hosted at Nationwide Arena last year during the 2009 Arnold Sports Festival.

The Arnold Sports Festival takes place at Columbus Veterans Memorial - 300 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio

Buy your 2010 Arnold Sports Festival tickets here.

Last year our girls got to shake hands (pathetic we know, but it was exciting back then) with the mastermind himself, the one and only Arnold, maybe this year we can get a few words from the walking fitness God!

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