Cannes Gets Bullwhipped

by Reverend_Danger   May 23, 2008 at 4:38PM  |  Views: 120


You say, "Stop kicking ass," like I can turn it off.

Despite a festival poster renouncing the “blind glamour” of the Cannes film festival in recent years and an overwhelming proportion of dark and cautionary films, the festival's most reported-on happening was the crowd cheering for “Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

Friggin good.  I have no desire to understand the Shatila massacres during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.  I don’t really care about Che Guevara other than that the shirts hipsters wear (ironically or otherwise) bother me.

What do I care about?  Oh, I don’t know, bullwhipping Nazis so long as there is witty banter both before and after the crack of the whip.  I also like treasure, and explosions.  Agreed?  Good, if you hadn’t I probably would’ve just shot you in the chest (in a market in Marrakesh).